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Baume & Mercier Clifton 1830 – five-minute repeater Pocket Watch

When ever i walk on a fair or watch show my attention is always drawn to pocket watches. They have this extra dimension in time keeping. now and than existing brand make one of these masterpieces. And usually packed with some extra complications. Baume Et Mercier made a statement with this Clifton 1830 – five-minute repeater Pocket Watch, with both simpel looks but very complicated engineering underneath its casing.


Rich heritage with a modern design

Since 1830, Baume & Mercier has been designing one-of-a-kind watches that always stand the test of time. Loyal to its motto, “Accept only perfection, only manufacture watches of the highest quality”, Baume & Mercier was inspired by its legacy pieces – among them a minute repeater Pocket Watch – to make the first Pocket Watch in the Clifton collection. A distinctive bridge built between the past and the present.

Clifton pocket watch 10253 5-minute repeater

In true Asian tradition, the Clifton 1830 masterpiece has come to be a priceless and symbolic memento encapsulating 185 years of the company’s watchmaking mastery. An heirloom Pocket Watch handed down the ages like a magical charm embodying Baume & Mercier’s entire heritage and bequeathing it to future generations. It is a tribute to the company’s deep desire to celebrate its history.

The new Clifton 1830 Pocket Watch symbolizes Baume & Mercier’s watchmaking expertise. It is a faithful reflection of the company’s tradition and a touchstone of exceptional quality. Harking back to 1830, the year the company was founded, the watch is being specially released for Watches & Wonders in a numbered limited series of 30. It is an exquisite timepiece that will inspire awe in masters and admirers of fine watchmaking.


A movement of rare artistry and a testament to watchmaking excellence


An object of undeniable beauty, the hand-wound movement on the Clifton 1830 Five-minute Repeater Pocket Watch runs at a frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour (2.5Hz) and has a 46-hour power reserve. Exclusively developed and designed by and for Baume & Mercier on the basis of a movement with an additional Dubois Dépraz (D73) module, this stunning skeletonized caliber meets all the time-honored standards of fine watchmaking: customized bridges and plates, unique end finishes, circular-graining on the plate, bridges with circular “Côtes de Genève” decor and blue steel screws, just as it should be. For full enjoyment of the sound quality of this uncommon watch and to intensify the subtle tones of the chimes, customers are offered an ultra-light JMC Lutherie resonance tray – an authentic composite soundboard made of resonating spruce wood and Nomex®/Kevlar® honeycomb. This watch stand was designed to be a veritable musical instrument. Released in a limited series of just 30 numbered timepieces, the 18K red gold Clifton 1830 Five-minute Repeater Pocket Watch comes with a black lambskin leather strap adorned with an 18K red gold button and ring . It is sold in a specially designed luxury case enclosing a small leather pouch that covers and protects it while being carried inside the pocket.

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