Borealis Scorpionfish on MicroSunday

Today on “MicroSunday” here on we are taking a closer look at the Borealis Scorpionfish. If you google scorpionfish, the result of it is that you are looking at a family of bad ass marine fish that includes many of the world’s venomous species. Living up to depths of 2000 meters and mostly in tropical waters. So why naming your watch the Scorpionfish? Well, it is a watch you either love or hate, it is again a conversation magnet and the only one in the Borealis family who stands out regarding design imho. So here we go. Between the devil and the deep blue sea!

Borealis Watch Company

Borealis is a Portugal located company and according to their website Borealis is making professional, reliable and affordable diving watches made of 316L steel, CuSn8 bronze or titanium. Using only high grade materials and movements from Asian manufacturers. All designs are based on successfully diving watch designs from the past, so do not expect outstanding and totally unique designs. But looking at their current collection it looks great and indeed it is affordable. And for what I read on the various watch forums or facebook watch groups the quality of the watches is great and the service of Borealis even greater.


So today we are looking at the Borealis Scorpionfish with white dial and plongeur hands. I am not really into white dials, but for some reason a white dial on this watch is totally oke. It is a rather limited edition watch, come back to that later, and a homage to the famous French ZRC diving watches of the 60s. Made famous by the crew of Jacques Cousteau on many marine expeditions. Also the Spanish Crepas watch company made a homage watch to this model, the Crepas L’ocean. And there is a strong connection between the Scorpionfish and the L’ocean. Crepas made around 400 of these models, only the manufacturer of the watch cases made around 500 of these.  So Borealis bought the last 100 cases and made 50 watches with a black dial and 50 with a white dial. Both dials have two versions, the modern hand version and the plongeur hand version. So I guess that there are just 25 of each version which makes it rather limited. All sold out of course, but you occasionally will find them up for sale on various forums at prices around €300-€350. If you find one, buy it!


The case measures a  42,5mm x 49mm with a thickness of 14.5mm. It is a rather flat and angular watch case and in relation to the impressive 47mm (or more) divers out there also a rather modest diving watch. But make no mistake, it is a real tool watch. No curves to be found and looking at the watch it is almost begging you to be abused in deep waters. Scratches and dents are making this one just more adorable. Executed with a double domed sapphire crystal with inside AR coating and a screwed caseback with engraved mermaid. It  is a anti magnetic (4,800A/m) watch case and has a WR of 6.600ft/2.000 meters and therefore equipped with not one, but two helium valves. But, there is another reason for the the 2 valves. One is located at the 12 o’clock position, like the Crepas L’ocean, and one at the six o’clock position. On the Crepas L’ocean case, the crown is located at the six o’clock position and since Borealis bought the remaining cases, they had to fill up the that space. The impressive big crown with logo of the Scorpionfish is more practically placed at the 3 o’clock position, so the solution for a additional helium valve at the 6 o’clock position is rather obvious. So here you have a automatic, anti-magnetic shielded, water resistant, 2 helium valves equipped diving  tool watch. And that is what I call a diving watch.

Looking at the bezel you will notice a 120 clicks unidirectional bezel with ceramic bezel inlay filled with BGW9 lume, also applied on the dial and hands.  The Scorpionfish is equiped with a high quality stainless steel bracelet with buckle and diver extension. And this my friends is the only suitable bracelet for this watch. No leather straps for this watch. I have worn mine during diving on a grey zulu, that will do, but the Scorpionfish really comes to live on the steel bracelet. So save your money on this one, you will get disappointed putting leather or rubber on your Scorpionfish.
As befits a tool diver the Scorpionfish has screwed- in pin holes, and you get a tool for adjusting the or replacing the bracelet delivered with it. The screw bars are unequal in lenght, and that is because of the 6 o’clock position of the crown on the Crepas. It works perfectly, but if you are thinking about putting on a zulu strap, buy some Panerai tubes for a better fit.

Dial and hands


Looking at the dial you will notice a rather clean dial. Borealis, 2000m and automatic are printed on the dial, date window at 3 o’clock and applied indices filled with BGW9 lume. The version at hand has the plongeur hands, orange minute hand, steel coloured our hand and a orange tipped second hand. Al filled with BGW9 lume for great visibility.


Under the hood you will find a Miyota 9015 hacking engine which is a accurate, reliable and well built 28.800 BPH movement. The 9015 movement is positioned between the Swiss ETA 2824 and the 2892 movements.


I really am impressed with this one. Great homage to a great 60s design and above all, it is a tool watch. Built to work with  . Quality is outstanding! The watch box sucks, but why bother. They have put all their money and afford in building a affordable tool diver and they have succeeded very well. So if you can buy one, do not hesitate. You won’t be sorry and joy will get great value for money!