What to buy in the price range from 250 up to 600 euro. Tissot, Longines?

Which watch would you buy in the price range from 250 until 600 euro? Tissot, Longines,……?

Some folks will think, ” why is WatchInsight.com paying attention to watches in this price range while most of the watches on there website costs thousands of euro’s”. The answer is simple; The reason for people to buy a watch in this range is because they are interested in watches (movement, looks, exterior finishing etc). Often it leads in the near future to buying more expensive watches. “Most of the time it’s the start of a real passion”.

There are also situations that you can’t/or don’t want to wear your expensive watch for instance at some sports. A watch in this price range, with a quartz movement, might be a good choice.

The price range of 250 up to 600 euro represent a big market share and that’s why there are a lot of competitors.

Lot’s of brands in this price range have a lack of quality. For example: a nice looking case, but cheap movements, mineral glass, the design of the watch is very temporary, poor design  etc.

When I would buy a watch in this range my wish list would be:

– a watch which is fabricated in the Swiss (case and movement). Because of the high quality standards

– sapphire glass

– high quality casing, material

– good bracelet

– a clear view at the time

– ageless and nice design

An automatic movement wouldn’t be the most imported part because the costs for maintenance of an automatic movement.

When you take my wishes in account there aren’t much brands who offer what I’m looking for. The brands which are interesting: Tissot, Longines…….

OK there is an alternatieve in Seiko (Japanese). They have some nice watches but my vote goes to the Swiss brands because of an more appealing design/price.

Yep, there is a lot of space for new brands which offer quality in this price range.