carl f bucherer traveltec gmt

Time travellers sometimes struggle with the different timezones they are travelling trough. There are several really nice watches around which show you the current timezone and the next or previous one. But what if you want to talk to someone in yet another timezone…..Carl F Bucherer solved this problem with the new Patravi Traveltec.

Carl F Bucherer

Founded in 1888 in Lucerne by the Bucherer family it has grown into an international renowned brand. Currently stil family run in its third generation, managed by the owner and chairman of the board of directors, Jörg G. Bucherer. In homage to founder Carl Friedrich Bucherer, the manufacturing brand of the same name was repositioned in 2001.
The watches and movements are developed and manufactured in the company’s own workshop in Switzerland. One of the breakthroughs for the manufacture was the launch of its own CFB A1000 movement. This movement is driven by an external rotor. This year, 2016, the second generation of this calibre was launched at BaselWorld, CFB T1001

Patravi Traveltec

This isn’t a watch that will be overlooked, with its 46,6mm, its big!! For me this was also the first thing that popped into my mind, how can this watch ever be comfortable on my wrist. Well i have to say this wasn’t an issue. From the moment i put it on, it settled there to stay. This was one of the first watches i have worn all day. I spent most part of my days behind the keyboard or on my working bench servicing watches. A watch is most of the time the first thing i take of before even getting started.
The leather strap felt really soft and shaped perfectly around my wrist. The lugs are shaped downwards so they follow the contours of the wrist giving it extra comfort.

carl f bucherer traveltec gmt


The case is big, 46,6 mm. There are a few different versions brought out by CFB. The one we had is the steel model. There is also a very nice 18 krt rose gold model and a very exclusive 18 krt rose gold with 60 diamonds baquette-cut 3.7 ct. A DLC coated model is also available.
The screw down crown is set at 3 o’clock to set the main hands, second time zone and date. Chronograph pushers on 2 and 4 o’clock.
There is a third pusher on the 10 o’clock position. This is used for the third timezone or second, just the way the user want to use these different zones. This pusher can move the inside bezel. The bezel has a 24 hour index. By pushing it moves either 1 hour east or west depending on which timezone you want to set. The pusher has a switch around it moving it either east or west. The neutral position prevents it from being unintentionally being set into the wrong position.
Setting this bezel can be done without removing the watch from the wrist. A really nice feature is  placed on the side of the case at 9 o’clock. A little sapphire see through in the case is placed to show its user the mechanisme moving the bezel. The mechanism is not a part of the movement, its placed beside and is only connected to the internal second bezel.
The front is sealed by a sapphire with anti reflective coating on both sides. The back of the case is closed by a caseback which is screwed on giving it a water resistance of 5 atm.

carl f bucherer traveltec gmt
carl f bucherer traveltec gmt
carl f bucherer traveltec gmt


The dial shows rather much information, also because of the chronograph included in this model. Chronograph dials are placed at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. The hands used for the different timescales are matted stainless steel.
The base dial on the stainless steel model we got is matted black. Other colours for the stainless steel models are, blue and silver. For the 18 krt Rose gold there are, black with silver details and a really nice brown with rose gold details.
The hour an minute hands have e great design with enough luminor on it to tell you the right time even if you are without lights. The central placed hand which is used for the chronograph is sleek with a luminated tip
The hand to set the second or third timezone is like on many travel watches red. This can be set with the main crown.
At the 5 o’clock the date is shown. Positioning it at this place makes enough room for the chronograph dials.
Two bezels are place around the dial. The outside bezel is used together with the red hand. It has a fixed 24-hour scale on it and is usually used to set the time at the exact time back home.
The second bezel is the one that can be set by the extra pusher placed on the 10 o’clock index.

carl f bucherer traveltec gmt


The base movement used in this watch is the CFB 1901 caliber. To be specific its the CBF 1901.1. To be really specific as we like to be. For those who know movements its no surprise the origins of this CFB 1901 was born as a ETA-2892. After some major investments made by Carl F Bucherer a GMT and Chronograpgh modules were added to this movement, resulting in the CFB 1901.
The .1 added by this model is for the third timezone. This is a bit strange in my opinion because it has no mechanical connection to the movement….But never the less a really nice feature.

carl f bucherer traveltec gmt


a couple a nice options for these models. Leather with some really good and comfortable folding clasps. But also stainless steel or even 18 krt rose gold bracelet can be added to the watch of your choice.
For the black DLC model a matte black bracelet is available, which looks really cool!!!

Overall thoughts….

This was a BIG surprise. I was convinced this wasn’t going to be a really comfortable hands on. But after wearing the watch for a few hours it kinda disappeared. It wasn’t uncommon for me to get back to the watch in my wrist when someone else asked me what i was wearing.
For the timezones i didn’t have the opportunity to get to travel outside of my own timezone. I did use it to set the timezone to the one in which one of my cowriters is currently in. This prevented some awkward moments of me disturbing him during his well deserved sleeping time.
If i was a frequent flyer or had to communicate on a regular bases with people situated in other timezones this would be the perfect watch. Also because of the choice in different models.


Carl F Bucherer Watches

carl f bucherer traveltec gmt
carl f bucherer traveltec gmt
carl f bucherer traveltec gmt