Chopard Mille Miglia 2015

Since 1988, Chopard has been serving as historical world sponsor and official timekeeper of the Mille Miglia, the car rally acknowledged as “la corsa più bella del mondo” – the world’s most beautiful race. From May 14th to 17th 2015, this prestigious event will feature 430 teams competing over the one thousand-mile (around 1,600 km) distance, a legendary route between Brescia and Rome. This competition is reserved for classic and vintage cars having taken part in one of the historical races between 1927 and 1957. Loyal to a tradition initiated in 1988, Chopard co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, being himself a driver, a passionate collector and a car enthusiast, personally participates in this annual rendezvous. This year, Chopard is presenting a sports watch: the Mille Miglia 2015 Race Edition, produced in a limited series and dedicated to the legendary Italian road adventure.

chopard mille miglia 2015

Historical collaboration fuelled by passion

 In 1988, Chopard took on the twin roles of partner and official timekeeper to the famous Mille Miglia race. These now inseparable ties were born from Karl-Friedrich Scheufele’s own passion for classic cars. Under his impetus, Chopard became the main sponsor of the legendary Mille Miglia and one of the first watch brands to associate its name with the automobile world. For Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, this came about very naturally: “Lovers of fine cars often have a weakness for fine timepieces and vice versa. In both cases, extreme precision and sporting elegance are especially important”. This authentic union between two fields brimming with thrills, a love of fine mechanics and a quest for performance has given rise to a much sought-after collection of sports watches: the famous Mille Miglia, of which a limited numbered series is introduced with each new edition of the race. Since his first participation in the Mille Miglia, Karl-Friedrich makes a point of personally competing in the race. He is taking part this year alongside his wife Christine in a Porsche 550 Spyder RS. Thanks to this longstanding partnership with Chopard, the famous car rally has acquired a truly international reputation.

Mille Miglia 2015 Race Edition - Logo

A human and sporting adventure amid captivating scenery

Bringing together 430 collector’s cars, this race from Brescia to Rome and back is a unique human adventure. The route of this 33rd edition is divided into four stages and winds through some of the most beautiful Italian regions, from the Po Valley to the Coliseum. These four days constitute an exceptional journey, applauded by thousands of spectators lining the 1,000 miles (1,600 km) of this route. The start from Brescia will take place this year earlier than usual, on Thursday afternoon, an adjustment to the schedule particularly appreciated by the locals who are ever more enthusiastic about the idea of upholding a longstanding tradition in the field of sports competition and motorsports in particular.

 Mille Miglia 2015 Race Edition - Hands Sketch


Racing in style: an Italian art of living

 While the route of the Mille Miglia has evolved over time, offering competitors and spectators from around the world the opportunity of discovering charming new locations with each edition, it nonetheless complies with the original figure of an eight-shaped itinerary, of which the initial distance from Brescia to Rome and back corresponded to 1,628 km. The re-edition of this now legendary competition faithfully perpetuates the spirit of the historical race, which was held 24 times between 1927 and 1957. First revived in 1977, the Mille Miglia became an annual event in 1984. A true ambassador of the Italian art of living, it expresses authentic values based on a passion for fine mechanics, for adventure and for convivial sportsmanship.

Mille Miglia 2015 Race Edition - 3 - White - 168566-3002

Mille Miglia 2015 Race Edition: sleek and sporting icons

This longstanding partnership has given rise to the Mille Miglia watches. Each new year sees the creation of a limited numbered series dedicated to the fabled race. They enrich the emblematic Chopard collection. With its sporty, masculine design and its high-precision movements, this iconic collection has become a grand classic on the contemporary watchmaking scene. In 2015, the timepiece embodying the legendary spirit of the famous Italian competition is a new power-reserve model featuring a reinvented design. A “Rossa Corsa” flaming red dial, a power-reserve display reminiscent of a petrol gauge and oversized numerals echoing typical 1950s dashboards: the Mille Miglia 2015 Race Edition draws inspiration from the speed machines that took part in the race between 1940 and 1957. This exclusive timepiece is equipped for the first time with a Chopard movement certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). While the Mille Miglia impresses observers with the beauty of the vehicles taking part, it is nonetheless won on very strict racing criteria based on accuracy and flawless technical mastery. In the same way, the Mille Miglia 2015 Race Edition shines as much for its design as for its high-precision mechanics.