DStrap wrist accessories

Recently we introduced one of our partners, DStrap. Craftsman Olaf makes it possible to replace a broken strap or design a strap for your beloved watches in materials you like. Their are also other item he creates and we want to show two of them, Dbrace Skull  and the DBrace IV.


Now a days it’s a common site to spot guys wearing all kind of accessories on the wrist besides a nice watch. Bracelets made of different materials like leather, rubber, titanium, stainless steel, silver, etc etc. Even beads in all sort of materials and look and feel. There is something for everyone. Its also nice if you can find something matching your watch, so they compliment each other.

DBrace Skull

20160124_143800_resized 20160119_160853_resized

Dbrace Skull is a very subtile bracelet made of a leather cord combined with an aged silver clasp and the iconic Skull. It has a really simple design but it looks great on a wrist and even better with a watch besides it. The Dbrace Skull comes in different colors and length. The length makes it possible to wrap it once, twice or even triple around the wrist.

DBrace IV

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DBrace IV is a bit more massive and has more resemblance with the watch straps made by DStrap. These can be made out of any material used by Olaf to create his famous watch DStraps. They lock with two studs which you can set to your own comfort. The studs are available in different materials, stainless steel and brass.

Take a look at the website of DStrap to find the perfect strap for your watch and your bracelet!!