Eterna, 160 year of influential history in watchmaking. Starting with one of the most important happenings in the existence of the wristwatch, the birth and patent of the first wristwatch in 1904. Another innovation was the birth of the ball-bearing mounted rotor system in 1948, which became the standard for all automatic movements. Today they are celebrating the birth date of Eterna with the introduction of a limited watch series with again high-end technical innovations, the Eterna The Granges 1856. Granges referring to the place of founding and 1856 the year. At Watchinsight we had the privilege to have an hands-on experience during some time with two versions of this limited edition watch.

The Eterna The Granges 1856 can be called special in every way, starting with the fact that the watch will only be sold by e-commerce, straight from Eterna.  This is unique within the conservative Swiss watch industry and is in line with Eterna’s progressive history.

Furthermore the watch will be available in different versions with a free option of personal engraving. All the versions of the watch are limited to 100 pieces and makes every piece exclusive.

But is this watch worth the money? YES!


The case has a contemporary design with soft fluent lines. Fabricated in 316L stainless steel, with 42 mm diameter and a thickness of 9,80 mm.

The polishing, finishing and detail of the stainless case are excellent. Thru a see-through  back you can see the in-house fabricated unique movement. It’s water-resitant to 50 meters.

The front sapphire crystal is domed, scratch resistant, anti-reflective and fluently aligns with the case.

Due to the flat and beautiful fluent design (I think you can almost call it ergonomic) the watch is a real pleasure to wear.


Because the watch is available in different versions you van choose between a light silver, black, Eterna blue or Eterna charcoal colored dail. No, Eterna Bleu or Eterna Charcoal aren’t new RAL colors but are especially made for the Eterna The Granges 1856.

At three o’clock you can find a big double digit date, which is unique for a watch with this thickness.

The hands and markers are made out of high polished steel and this gives the watch a premium luxury feel. The minute and second hand are bended at the end, following the dial and the glass.

A very strong design feature is the fact that the dial is not flat but bends strongly following the direction of the sapphire glass. This gives the watch a wide and clear view with a unique visual depth.


Eterna is well known for there movements and innovations. For the Granges 1856, Eterna in-house developed and manufactured a new movement named Calibre 3030. It took more then six year of research and development to create this unique movement. The Calibre 3030 is the thinnest movement in the world in its class. It is fitted with a «large date» display, resulting in more readable numbers.

As written at the beginning of this article, Eterna made an important contribution to the automatic watch movement. By developing a ball-bearing mounted rotor which they called Eterna matic. The little spheres in the Eterna logo refer to this innovation, so it’s logical the Calibre 3030 is fitted with an automatic winding system. Calibre 3030 has 48 hours power reserve and in comparison with most conventional movements, the big date change mechanism allows that the watch and calendar can be changed at any time in 24 hours.

This movement makes the watch unique.

Movement Specifications

Movement Size: 30 mm

Thick: 4,63 mm

Vibrations per hour: 28’800 v.p.h. 

Power reserve: 48 h

No. of jewels: 24

No. of bearings: 3

Functions Mechanical self-winding movement 

hours, minute and seconds display

double digit date



The watch is available, depending on the chosen version, with a calf leather strap with alligator pattern in the colors black or brown. The leather strap can be closed with a high gloss steel clasp.

Also available is a fine steel bracelet giving the watch a bit of a sporty look.

Final thoughts

The Eterna The Granges 1856 is in every aspect a unique watch. It has a unique movement. has a unique shaped dial and is only available thru e-commerce webshop. Did I forgot something? Slight detail, some colors schemes we like more then others but al version are very nice.

This is the watch for watch collectors to ad to there collection and watch enthusiast like me. But also if you are looking for a nice looking and special watch and can spend 5200 to 5500 euro’s, depending on the version,  this Eterna is a good investment.


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