After the successful year of The Amsterdam™, watch brand Fromanteel decides to take a whole new course for this fall. With the launch of ‘The Globetrotter™ Series’, The GMT™, the Amsterdam-based brand shifts its focus to the travelling man. With these new pieces, Fromanteel takes a step outside the city that was home to the previous series.

Unlike ‘The Amsterdam™ Series, for which Fromanteel found its inspiration close to home, this new series goes looking for new horizons. Inspired by the history of the old clockmaker Ahasuerus Fromanteel, the latest watch series is entirely dedicated to the traveller, and will certainly do the name Globetrotter™ honour.

After the first successes from its workshop on Dam Square in Amsterdam, the clockmakers family Fromanteel decided in the 17th century to expand the company across the border. Ahasuerus Fromanteel opened a workshop in London, and one of his sons would later do the same in Newcastle. Their adventurous nature and ambition to discover new things would proof to be the ideal breeding ground for the great successes that the family would come to have as a business. The 400-year-old story of the clockmaker family that travelled around the world looking for new opportunities inspired the watch brand of today to base a series on the enterprising traveller.

The Globetrotter™ is a man who travels the world, not for pure indulgence in all-inclusive resorts, but in search of unique experiences and opportunities. Travelling gives way to new ideas and is usually inspiring. This adventurous ambition is in line with the target group that Fromanteel has in mind: the stylish, adventurous, curious man. His journeys lead him to cosmopolitan, bustling cities and enthralling cultural destinations. Therefore, Fromanteel designed the Globetrotter™ series with the idea in mind that for this Fromanteel man, travelling is becoming increasingly important.

The purpose of a journey is often networking, meeting new people and exploring new places, cultures and opportunities. After all, making new acquaintances and building a network requires some knowledge of the other culture.

Even though travelling is a valuable experience, it can also be tiring. Hours are spent in local offices, at airports and in hotel rooms. Days are packed with meetings and business dinners. Two major, even essential aspects for the Globetrotter™ are therefore: arriving at an appointment on time and in style. After all, you never get a second chance to make first impression.

With this in mind, Fromanteel has set up a campaign that focuses on the successes that the travelling entrepreneur can achieve upon returning home. The inspiration, cultural insights or experiences with new acquaintances gained during the journey will turn into new opportunities and business projects at home. The moment of return is key – the scenario in which the passport and the travel bag are packed and ready for the long journey home.

The understated design of the Globetrotter™ series give away something about the style of the wearer. After purchasing a Fromanteel watch, it will not quickly leave the wrist of the wearer. Instead, it will always travel along with the wearer and share his newly gained experiences. It is the perfect ever-present companion. Together, they are constantly looking for what makes a person successful. The watch is therefore also a symbol for the ultimate success: enrichment through travel.

The GMT™ watch

The new GMT™ watch is for the active traveller who roams the world and visit exotic destinations, in search of new opportunities. It refers to the privilege of discovering a new continent and getting to know cultures that are different from what is familiar. The chaos of traffic in South-East Asia, its kindness and curiosity towards travellers, the airy personality and pride of the American or the – compared to what we are used to – primitive way of life in Africa. For the true Globetrotter™, nothing is out of reach.

With its scratch-resistant sapphire glass and polished steel, the dial of the GMT™ is truly a work of elegance. Keeping the date indicator and dial in the same colour allows for a clean design, and the subtle lunettes give it a sophisticated look. The watch – fitted with a 515.24H Ronda movement and a 42 mm diameter – is available with a cream-white or a black-coloured dial. A fine, yellow hand – in perfect keeping with the brand – displays a second time zone. The special position of the crown is yet another proof that Fromanteel has an eye for detail.

The GMT™ helps the Globetrotter™ where necessary. Its function of displaying two time zones simultaneously makes this watch an indispensable travelling companion for the world-exploring man – the globetrotter.

fromanteel GMT  fromanteel gmt

Novelties around your wrist

In order to do honour to the adventurous nature of the Globetrotter™, Fromanteel designed a new series of watch straps: made of hand-crafted canvas and available in dark brown, green and dark grey. Also new in the series – in addition to the best-selling vintage strap – are the mouse grey and dark brown vintage suede strap. All straps are handmade, fitted with the Quick-Release™ system and made of double lined calfskin from the Fromanteel leather atelier. The Quick-Release™ system makes it easy to combine these straps with different watches, thereby creating a brand-new look each time.

Fromanteel Watches

Fromanteel ensures constant innovation and improvement of the brand. But this is just one of the various ways in which Fromanteel sets itself apart from other brands. Recently, the Amsterdam-based watch brand launched a completely new website, which displays a landing page in the form of an online newspaper: The Fromanteel Times.

Featuring weekly articles, this newspaper tells the story behind the brand: Fromanteel firmly believes that everything that happens in the present is affected by the past. It therefore draws inspiration from the Fromanteel family, a line of clockmakers from the 17th century.

History is Now


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