1947 was the year Thor Heyerdal took off for a trip across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands. This journey was done by raft made from local materials from Peru, such as balsa wood. His goal was to proof is would have been possible for in habitants of South America to have settled in Polynesia far before Columbus was even born. The raft was called Kon Tiki after de Inca sun god.


Grenchen 1856, Eterna was founded. Since they have been known for their fine mechanical watches. The brand is known for creating unexpected solutions for some challenges other brand has been struggling with for centuries.

Some of these inventions are the Eterna atic Rotor, first integrated alarm on a wrist watch and Eterna Spherodrive ballbearing mounted barrel. This made and still make them pioneers on the horological map. Today, Eterna is entering a new phase of development with a complete redesign of its brand profile and a revised global market presence. This dynamic new strategy will bring this historic brand the success it deserves while ensuring its future.


When i first took this watch out of its package i was suprised by the weight of it. This feels and looks like a serious watch. Solid steel case, nice looking dial, sapphire and on this model a comfortable rubber strap. Measuring 45 mm in diameter its a big case, but therefore with a great readability. We have got the blue model. It also comes in a black edition. So Dial and bezel are blue giving it a really sporty look. Although its a rather big case it suits very comfortable on the wrist even smaller ones. The lugs are shaped in an oval way giving it a organic shape underneath the bezel.

The Bezel has a 60 min indicated on in. It has the same colour blue as the dial. Of course it can only be set one way, like it should. You dont want to move the bezel the wrong way when you’re in the water. Stainless steel is used for the bezel. Providing a good grip it is even well managed under the water surface.

The crown is a screw locked down. The chronograph pushers have an odd shape and they seem to stand out, but because of this shape they can even be handled when wearing gloves.

The finishing of the case is really well done. A good balance between brushed and high polished parts. The case looks great on rubber, but also on the Mesh stainless steel bracelet.

Both front and back have coated sapphire which give a good view on either de dial or the movement. The dial has the date setup on 6 o’clock. On 3 o’clock the small seconds chronograph dial and on the 9 0’clock the minutes.

The indexes and hands are provided with a Super Luminova which really shines bright. This gives the user a great readability at night and in deeper water. Also the zero marker on the bezel is handles with this Super Luminova, leaving no doubt in when times up and the diver must be ready to go back to the surface.

Eterna super kontiki


The movement used for this model is the Calibre Maison Eterna 3916A. This is designed and made by Eterna. Base Calibre is the 39 which has been further developed and has a flyback chronograph with a co-axially mounted minutes and hours display.

Thanks to the modularity of the Calibre 39, the same base movement can give rise to a total of 88 different movement versions. This, once again, is a testament to Eterna‘s ability to further refine past achievements in the development of watch movements with its inventiveness and precision work.

Movement Specifications

Movement Case fitting diameter: 30.0 mm

Height: 7.9 mm

Vibrations per hour: 28’800 v.p.h.

Power reserve: 60 h

No. of jewels: 35

No. of ball bearings: 1

Functions Mechanical self-winding movement

small seconds counter

hours and minutes display


chronograph display for seconds

minutes and hours

flyback and seconds stop

At the end…..

There are a lot of brands out their making divers, but they look more like fashion statements. This Eterna looks like a diver should look like. A case with no compromise, robust and heavy. This watch can handle a shock an will survive under hars circumstances. The blue colour looks very bright at first sight but turns out to be rather nice, this of course is very personal. For those who would like to take it on the safe side, the black model is perfect.

Rubber straps you either love them of hate them. I wasn’t a great fan before i wore this one from Eterna. It feel really comfortable on the wrist. And even though the Super Kontiki is really big it doesn’t feel that big when you wear it.

The beating heart of this model is a very reliable inhouse movement from Eterna. The calibre 39 is the base movement of very much of their movements making a total of 88 different models.

If you are looking for a diver with a inhouse movement, the Eterna Super Kontiki is probably the best option. I dont think you will find something comparable in this price range….


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