13 June 2016
Swiss watchmaker Hublot presented its new watch last Thursday in Paris made in a limited edition for the Euro 2016: a Big Bang Unico Retrograde Chronograph. For the occasion, the brand had gathered some of the top global players of all time, on a miniature football field in the middle of Paris, to offer the public an exhibition game.
The Link of football and luxury watchmaking dates back to 2008. Two brands were both interested in being involved in the sport. Before this interest football was considered to be a sport for common people, and thought to be a bad influence on the brands of luxury. Now 8 years on, Hublot established itself as Major sponsor in football, and as official timekeeper of the World Cup, Euro Cup, Manchester United, Ajax, Juventus, Bayern München, Chelsea and Paris St. Germain.  Ebel totally disappeared from the sport, but other brands have seen the potential, like TAG Heuer and Seiko.

To celebrate the Euro 2016, Hublot has organized an exhibition game with some of the best players in the world on a mini soccer field in the Palais-Royal in Paris. As noted by Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot: ‘it like dreaming of a perfect team, to see some of our favorite players evolve under the same colors.


Seeing the two biggest opponents of all time gathered around a match of legend, share vibrant passion for football and animates all, is a real privilege.
Two football legends, and also ambassadors of Hublot took part in the game. Pelé who walks now with a cane and Maradona, still very active. The game took 30 minutes and there were 2 teams.
Team Maradona, with Trezeguet, Peruzzi, Ferrara, Seedorf and Materazzi played Team Péle with Ferdinand, Hierro, Dida, Crespo and Bebeto. It was Draw at the end.


The watch Hublot presented during this event was a Big Bang Unico Retrograde Chrono UEFA EURO 2016 – official watch. 45 mm case, in black ceramic. It’s designed for football as the functions keep track of elapsed time, half time, real time and period of the current game.
The Strap has the colors of France, as host country and limited to 100 pieces. The strap however can be replaced by limited edition bracelets in the colors of other countries as Germany, England, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland.
Nice for the true football fan!



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