Hysek Verdict Double Tourbillon

The metallic sapphire dial was first unveiled by Hysek in 2003, but it’s still a relatively new feature in the world of haute horlogerie. This iridescent treatment, when applied to a sapphire crystal dial, will create a tint producing virtually any hue of highlights imaginable, resulting in a cast of subtle color variations for the movement it houses. By pushing the boundaries of this metallizing sapphire technique, Hysek expands its creative universe with the new Verdict Double Tourbillon with Blue Sapphire Dial.

Hysek Verdict Double Tourbillon Triptyque


Back in 2003, Hysek created a sensation with the X-Ray tourbillon, closely followed by the XX-Ray double tourbillon. These pioneering models opened up a unique path alongside traditional sapphire backs, offering a sapphire glass placed on the dial side, complete with a metallic color treatment.
Twelve years later, the fruit of the manufacture’s ongoing research has emerged: the Verdict Double Tourbillon, featuring a blue sapphire dial. Hysek worked for two years on a new process, to give the dials a more pervasive color and add matching highlights to complement the dominant colors. The Verdict Double Tourbillon with its blue sapphire dial is the embodiment of this research, boasting a color range that is now richer and deeper than ever before.


The choice of this particular timepiece to benefit from the new treatment was anything but random. On the dial side, the manufacture movement of the watch is revealed in its entirety. Apart from the two tourbillons, the whole upper side of the timepiece is enveloped by the new iridescent sapphire, gracing it with yellow, blue and orange highlights. Together, they enliven every detail of the manufacture’s caliber, carrying the light to the depths of the workings, the polished angles of each bridge, and along every line of the Rose des Vents pattern.


The 46 mm Verdict Double Tourbillon reflects the Hysek Manufacture’s specific knowhow, blending watchmaking and creative audacity. Designed, produced and assembled by Hysek’s master watchmakers, the double tourbillon has more than 331 parts. Independent from each other, both tourbillons are, however, joined together by a central differential, which distributes force evenly to each of the two balances. This mechanism allows regulation of the tourbillons’ speed, and hence the movement’s rate becomes the average of the rate of each tourbillon. In other words, the twin tourbillons double the accuracy of the caliber.

Hysek Verdict Double Tourbillon Titanium


To go with its double tourbillon, Hysek added to its movement a double micro-rotor in rose gold and platinum. Smaller than a standard rotor and coupled by a single ceramic ball-bearing, avoiding lubrication of the movement, Hysek’s emblematic mechanism actually maximizes the visibility of the movement while boosting its winding power.

With further attention to detail, Hysek has endowed the caliber with hand finishings similar to Poinçon de Genève, including a Rose des Vents pattern on the plate.

Following the inaugural and exclusive edition of eight pieces in 18k rose gold, the Verdict Double Tourbillon is now available in Grade 5 titanium. The sapphire crystal dial and its unpredictable shades offer a pleasing contrast to the interplay of polished and satin-brushed finishes on the case. Hysek’s final touch to complete the overall effect is an opening at one o’clock, providing an easy view of the date.

As for the first edition, just eight of these 46 mm Verdict Double Tourbillon watches are being made in Grade 5 titanium.



The Hysek HW06 caliber has been designed, produced and assembled in-house.

HW06_Double Tourbillon

The movement features the first-ever automatic double tourbillon:
Independent of each other, both tourbillons are coupled by a central differential, which distributes force evenly to each of the two balances.
This differential thus regulates the speed of each tourbillon.
The accuracy of the double tourbillon is doubled as a result of the movement’s rate being the average of the rate of each tourbillon.
The double micro-rotor is Hysek’s signature on its automatic calibers.
Hysek’s double micro-rotor is made of two small oscillating weights. The first one, in 22k rose gold, is placed on the dial side, while the second one, on the back of the movement, is crafted in platinum, a precious and heavy metal chosen for its increased winding potential.
Both micro-rotors are coupled by a single ceramic ball-bearing, avoiding lubrication thus improving long term performance.
One of the key advantages of the double micro-rotor is esthetic. Indeed, it does not obstruct half of the movement, like standard rotors do, but does offer the chance to discover the movement’s peerless fine finishing.
With an autonomy of 45 +/- two hours, the double tourbillon can be fully wound in less than three hours.

The date is displayed at one o’clock and can be adjusted by a push button positioned at two o’clock.

In its department dedicated solely to movement decoration, Hysek’s HW06 caliber is finished according to the highest haute horlogerie standards. Using a mix of traditional techniques and modern methods, Hysek’s craftsmen have given to this movement a contemporary look, combining the brand’s hallmark Rose des vents compass rose finish on the dial side with a more classical Côte de Genève decoration visible through the sapphire case back.

The HW06 is made of 331 components and 44 jewels.

Frequency: 28’800 VpH


The 46mm diameter round case of the Verdict Double Tourbillon is proposed in Grade 5 titanium. An 18k rose gold version is also available.

The open-worked sapphire dial reveals the various movement’s components. Thanks to a specific process that took two years to perfect, the iridescent sapphire graces the timepiece with yellow, blue and orange highlights.

The sapphire crystal is treated with anti-reflection coatings on both sides.

The timepiece is water resistant to 30m.

The Verdict Double Tourbillon comes with a fold-over buckle and a black alligator strap that subtly underlines its timeless elegance.

The titanium Double Tourbillon is proposed in a limited edition of eight numbered pieces, Hysek’s lucky number.