Jeanrichard Graphiscope Collection

JEANRICHARD presents the  JEANRICHARD Graphiscope Collection, three limited-edition series of 25 exclusive watches designed by the famous contemporary street artist Gully.

“Gully, a big name in street art and a friend of our brand, was wearing a Terrascope watch one day when he was working on a new painting. At the end of the day he found that the watch had splashes of paint all over it, and suddenly the idea came for a collaboration between us,” explains Bruno Grande, Managing Director of JEANRICHARD.

Directly inspired by Gully’s work, these three series of Graphiscope watches, signed and limited to 25 pieces each, have distinctive dials and bracelets splashed and sprayed with paint. These extremely original variations of the Terrascope watch model have already become true “collector’s items”.

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