Lebeau Courally Perfection from Belgium

Lebeau Courally famous for its handcrafted hunting guns for almost 150 years, started to make watches in 2011. This seems a strange combination, but going back into the history of both watch- en gunmakers its an obvious line of events.

In 1865 Auguste Lebeau sets up his own workshop in Liege, Belgium. He surrounds himself with the very best craftsmen and sets the DNA for Lebeau – Courally. In 1896 Ferdinand Courally continues the activities and pushes the brand to a higher level, unrivalled in Europe.

The Englishman Philippe Reeves takes over the management in 1919. By this time many european royal houses, aristocrats and many other keen hunters are among the loyal customers.

In 1956 Lebeau – Courally is taken over by the Belgian Joseph Verrees, a renowned gunsmith Lebeau courally plantinefrom Liege. He conserves the spirit of the great house and further enhances its reputation as a manufacturer. He also perfects the hunting gun mechanisms and components. Precision, reliability and exclusivity are the hallmarks of production. He also nurtures and protects the company’s métier d’arts, the most striking examples of which are the fine woodwork and the detailed, lifelike engravings.

The tradition is continued by the fourth generation in 1982. Anne-Marie Moermans-Ramakers, Verrees’ niece, further develops the creation of luxury hunting pieces. She goes in search of the very best craftsmen in the Liège area. She also extends the range of hunting guns, while maintaining the same degree of perfection. Craftsmanship, precision and robustness are united in each hunting gun.

FullSizeRenderJoris Ide, takes over the company in 2010 and takes it to an upgraden level with still remaining true to the high standard set in the past. He goes back to the origins of the craft; gunsmiths were the original makers of watch parts. Here Lebeau – Courally finds the inspiration to extend the craftsmanship and metier d’arts to include exclusive watch collections.
Antione Tschumi was found as a design partner to make a true master design, true to the traditions of the brand.
Four characteristics are reflected in the Lebeau-Courally world. The name of each watch corresponds to the name of one of our hunting guns. The distinctive clef de fusil or locking lever at 9 o’clock forms an elegant decorative element. The dial shows the typical cadrillage frappé found on the butt of each Lebeau-Courally.

In that same year the special calibre that forms the heart and soul of “Le Prince,” the beautiful Lebeau-Courally tourbillon, is distinguished with 3rd prize at the prestigious Concours International de la Chronometrie 2011 in the Swiss town of Le Locle.

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