Leyden Watch The Power Reserve

These days its quite easy to make yourself a watch. But there are still some people out there who try to make a nice affordable watch which would be interesting for a bigger audience. Leyden watches is one of them. Presenting their first model, The Power Reserve.

First thing that got my attention was de red hand on the 12 o’clock marker. Placed right above the companies brand name and logo. This little feature is the power reserve. Its not that hard to answer the question where the name of this model came from.

Casing it is…

gold-whiteThe case is made of a 316L stainless steel. It consists of three parts, Lunette (bezel), Case Body and Case back. Both front and back have sapphire glass. Front sapphire is double domed, this means convex on the top (outer) side, and concave on the bottom (dial/inner) side. This creates a perfect view ability af the dail and gives a better protection on impacts.

Back case will be provided with the additional information. Like water resistibility, number of…, etc

The luggs a rather small and seem fragile, but suit the simple case design.

For now there are two combinations available for the case and dail. Stainless with a black dail and a gold coated with a white dail.

What’s there to tell….

closeup-black-steelDail is plain and simple and comes in a black and white layout. Because of the simple design an subtle use of color an material its good to read. There is al lot of information provided by the different hands.

As said before the thing that does pop out is the power reserve at 12 o’clock. This little red hand tells you how much power the mainspring still has before it runs out. The mainspring is wound by the automatic movement or can be hand wound. The power reserve of the Miyota is 24 hours, needs to be said we got a bit extra time on the model we got provided by Leyden.

The other indicators are made of little stainless hands on the 3, 6 and 9 0’clock. Markers are in printed white on an engraved area. The date is printed black on a matt stainless background.

The main hands are on this prototype not yet the right size, but they will look the same. Polished stainless steel, sleek and elegant.

The hand’s can be set with the crown. Pull it once you will be able to set the date turning it clockwise. Turn it counter clockwise you can set the day hand. Pulling it completely out makes it able to set the minute and hour hands. This position is also used to set the 24 hrs hand. The Crown will be provide with the brands logo.

There’s a little pushbutton at 2 o’clock which makes it able to set the month indicator hand.

Moving heart..

Leyden watches choose the Miyota 9100 movement. There are o lot if discussions going on about wether Miyota movement can’t stand up to their competitors like ETA. I think they can, but there are some differences in use of material for example which make you wanna choose the perfect movement for your project. First of all price wise. Because of the way Swatch Group is treating users of their movements its almost impossible for micro brands to get affordable movements. There for an alternatief has to be available and one of them is Miyota. They provide good movements for a reasonable price.

But there is also a downsite to these movements, one of them is the loud noise created by the rotor. It almost seems broken of at least running dry on lubrications. Also the accuracy in time lose is higher compared to ETA. Will you notice this an a daily base…no you won’t.

Would we….

Yes we would. Its a well balanced watch. Nice use of materials. Provides lots of information in a subtle way, not throwing it in your face. Main function of the watch is telling time and this is given to you in a good way. Sure it has some design touches you like or don’t like, but thats the never ending story.


Leyden Watches are now launched at Kickstarter. Go check them out to get a nice deal!! If the first goal is reached some extra material and color combinations may be added to this line up of the Leyde Power Reserve.


Technical Specifications

Miyota 9100
Functions Hours, minutes, seconds, synchronized 24-hours, date day and month
316L stainless steel, 40 mm x 12 mm. Doubled domed sapphire crystal
Dail Black of white. power reserve at 12 o’clock, month at 3 o’clock, 24hrs at 6 o’clock, day at 9 o’clock and date between 4 and 5 o’ clock
Bracelet/strap Black Leather with quick release clasp