Louis Moinet

Louis Moinet At Basel World

Louis Moinet brings watch making to life at the Palace

The most important mission of attending BaselWorld is to take a look at all the novelties the watch brands have to offer.

Every brand will try to draw the attention of the visitors with impressive booths. But lets be honest its still a case of window shopping. If you have seen a few you wont be that surprised walking to yet another window filled with watches.

There are a few that are trying a bit harder to draw your attention; one of them is Louis Moinet, placed at the Palace. Underneath little glass display stands watches are shown in some sort of a workshop. Each watch placed in a different theme. Together with de appropriate tools, little figures seem to still be working on the watches.

Louis Moinet 20 second Tempograph

Louis Moinet 20 Second Tempograph

Louis Moinet Ruby Heart Tourbillon

Louis Moinet Ruby Tourbillon

Louis Moinet Campbille Tourbillon

louis moinet campbellite tourbillon

Louis Moinet Geograph

louis moinet geograph

Louis Moinet Mecanograph

Louis Moinet Mecanograph


Source www.louismoinet.com