What if your brand isn’t that old, you will be missing a big part in the rich history of horology. But what if you make a model that would look like something that could have been one of those historical models. Meistersinger made a little of their own history by introducing a pocket watch.

I think pocket watches have this kind of mythical feeling over them. These days a lot of people havent go a clue this was the way time was displayed over 100 years ago. Now a days time is shown everywhere, on the screen of your laptop, phone, busstops, etc. This makes the watch even more an accessory, let be honest do you look at your phone or your wrist if you want to know when your next appointment is due……

There is one small feature that still reminds us about the time era when pockets watches were used. If you take a closer look at the jeans you are wearing, there is a little pocket above the right hand pocket, called the fifth pocket. This was originally designed to safely store your pocket watch. The story about the real origin is a bit blury because of course there are a few brands that claim to be the first to have put them on their jeans.
Its a known fact these jeans where designed for miners because the fabrics could withstand the harsh environment the miners were working in.
Somewhere around the First World War (WWI) the pockets watches were replaced by wristwatches.

Meistersinger has of course another referral to the history of time telling. The first clocks used only one hand to tell the time. Before 1450 clocks didn’t even have hands, time was literally told by bells telling only the hours. The second, minute, hand was introduced around 1650s.

The pocket watch by Meistersinger suits the one hand movement. Its a simple design with a rather plain dial. The 48 mm stainless steel case has a classic design to it. The back of the case has the same engraving on it like the quartz wrist models.
The crown is located on top of the case at the 12 o’clock index. This Crown is rather big as it should be on a pocket watch. Around it a ring is attached on which you can clip the chain to connect it to a belt loop of your pants or vest for example.
This chain is also made from stainless steel in a curbed design. It’s not one they can easily pull from your clothes. The chain is an extra to the looks of the watch. At first it felt can’t of strange hanging on the side of my pocket, but after a while it got a cool accessory.

The Dial is plain and simpel, of course with the two digit indexes we see on all meistersinger watches. It comes in two colours, white and ivory. The one hand is blue making it a very readable watch.

The watch is powers by the well known Unitas/Eta 6498-1. This is truly a very reliable work horse. Its a hand wound movement with a power reserve of at least 46 hours. The 6498-1 operates at 18,000 A/h and has 17 jewels. It was first made in 1950 and this version was updated in 1967.

At the end….

Would i like to own one……as i am a great fan of Meistersinger, and already own a few, my first instinct would say yes. But if i am honest i wouldn’t buy one. I really like the concept of a pocket watch and i already picked a few that are going to be restored so i can use them again.
I think the simplicity of this watch has gone a bit to far. The thing i really love about Meistersinger is the fact they upgraded a few of their other models by use of different materials. For example the printed indexes have been replaced by real appliqués on several models. This makes them look so much classier than before. This dial is completely lacquered and therefore misses this exclusieve elan.
An other really nice feature of the old pocket watches is the ability to take a quick look at the movement. The back case of this watch is locked and can only be opened by the use of tools. Also the movement, Unitas 6497-1, is untouched. It looks exactly the way it does when it came out of the ETA manufactury. Missed opportunity i think.

The cool factory is without a doubt a 9 out of 10.