MicroSunday with the Magrette Vantage

Today on “MicroSunday” here on Watchinsight.com we are taking a closer look at the Magrette Vantage founded in  the city of sails, Auckland New Zealand,  by Dion Wynyard Mc Asey.  To me New Zealand is all about Maori culture, breathtaking nature,  ancient forests, volcanic landscapes, north and south, beautiful coastlines and of course Abel Tasman. And that is what I feel looking at the Magrette Vantage. So, bear with me for a couple of minutes and find out more about this magnificent watch.

Magrette Timepieces

A New Zealand based watch company located in Auckland, as mentioned before, the City of Sails. Inspired by the military watches of the 40s and divers of 70s and designing  for a Canadian watch company Dion Wynyard Mc Asey created in 2009 Magrette Timepieces..  The First model the Moana Pacific was a cushion styled case based on the last Panerai-Rolex made for the Egyptian army known by collectors as the small Egiziano. Magrette stands for mysterious, alluring, old World and strong and associates itself with classics yachts. And I think they succeeded very well. Making very well built, detailed, elegant and timeless watches Magrette is earning its place in the established watchmaking order. Enforced by a company logo that combines the strenght and protection offered by the shield with the poignant symbolism of the koru. The koru, according to wikipedia, is a spiral shape based on the shape of a new unfurling silver fern frond and symbolizing new life, growth, strength and peace. It is an integral symbol in Maori art, carving and tattoos. The circular shape of the koru helps to convey the idea of perpetual movement while the inner coil suggests a return to the point of origin. You are not just purchasing a watch, no you are purchasing a ancient spiritual philosophy that withstood the test of time!

Magrette Vantage Bronze

So, today is all about the Vantage model. A full CuSn8 bronze watch limited to 500 pieces and with two dial options, black and Brown. Today we discuss the black dial model. The Vantage is the successor of the Regattare which was made of brass instead of real CuSn8 bronze.


The case of this rather impressive diver measures 44mm x 53,5 mm excluding the crown. As mentioned it is made of CuSn8 alloy and has a brushed finish. And that is both clever as great. Most bronze watches are polished when you buy them. A brushed case develops a far more greater patina on it, believe me I have owned a view bronze watches. In this particular case, if you look closely at the pictures you see the pattern that resembles the circular shape of the koru. Coincidence?  It is a cushion shaped case with great curves, also based on the small Egiziano, with a double domed sapphire inside AR coated crystal on top surrounded by a fixed and flat bronze bezel and a sapphire crystal see-through case back with DLC coating on the back. The Vantage has a WR of 500 meters and is equipped with a automatic helium valve. The crown position is at the 4 o’clock marker. It is a screw down crown with Magrette logo. Both crown as helium valve are made of stainless polished steel. Now, on recent bronze models of various brands you will find bronze crowns more and more. And I like that very much because it gives the watch a more vintage feeling. However, on the Vantage it really is ok, there is a kind of balance between the bronze, the valve and the crown. Lugwidth of 24 mm and equiped with lug holes, just at it should on a vintage model.


Dial and Hands

Looking at the dial you will notice that it is a combination of a sandwich dial ( two discs on top of each other with cut outs for the indices) and applied numbers 03, 06, 09 and 12. All C3 super luminova, on the hour en minute hands as well. The second hand is just a needle. The dial is clear and simple with just Magrette in white and Vantage in red marking, very nicely done. It is a no date version, and that makes it complete for me in vintage perspective.



Under the hood you will find a Miyota 9015 hacking engine which is a accurate, reliable and well built 28.800 BPH movement. The rotor is equipped with the Magrette logo. The 9015 movement is positioned between the Swiss ETA 2824 and the 2892 movements.



The Vantage is equipped with a quality leather calf strap with matching bronze buckle. I am not a great fan of leather straps in combination with a diver.  And most of us buy hand made and custom made personal leather straps, so I rather would have seen this one with a rubber strap instead.



With the Vantage you really buy something special. Not just an other diver, no there really is more to it, something spiritual. I just love the curves on this one, it wears very comfortably and I just keep looking at it. After a few week some patina started to develop, and of course the patina fetishists among us can eat their hart out with boiled eggs, vinegar and all kind of fumes. I wear it on a vintage and worn Dstrap which makes it complete to get that old vintage and bold feeling. For $ 685,- of € 725,- you will purchase a great diver packaged in the Magrette signature watch case. Still some of the 500 pieces available!

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