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Today’s review on “Micro Sunday”  here on Watchinsight.com is the review of the The Rock created by the Dutch watch making company  Stuckx watches owned by Stephan Trimbos.  Not just another microbrand with a Submariner or Panerai homage. No, it is a very unique designed diving watch, but it is probably  not for everyone. But, it most definitely is a conversation watch. So if you are looking for something different,  outrageous  or even insane perhaps, keep reading and be surprised!

Stuckx watches

The Dutch watch company Stuckx watches started somewhere in 2014 and were inspired by various watchmodels of the early 70s. Their first model  was the Infinite8, a 70s inspired diver. Unfortunately this model never came out because Stuckx watches did not achieve the minimum quantity to start the project. So they decided to move on to the next project and create a totaly unique and insane automatic diving watch called The RocK. And it really became a Rock, a thoroughly magnificent timepiece. After the succes of The Rock they moved on the next model, the Bull. Also a 70s inspired watch, but this watch is a chronograph with a unconventional asymmetrical  bull head case. Sof ar I really like all the models of Stucks watches. Different, bold, daring and I hope they are here to stay and surprise us all from time to time with unique models.

The Rock Executor

So, today’s review is all about the The RocK Executor. The name itself does ring a bell I suppose? Especially those of us who like Star Wars. The Executor was the latest model battleship of the feared Darth Vader. Pulled to the dark side in is early years , Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader. Dressed all in black with a electronic mask. The Rock Executor in every way breathes Star Wars, breathes Darth Vader. Black DLC coating on a helmed shaped case with 3D dial, well you get the picture…


20160612_133704_resized   20160612_133749_resized

The case of this impressive diver measures 45mm at the top and 52 mm lug to lug. It is a lug-less cone shaped case, so  there are no push pins but slots in the case allowing 24mm zulu straps to pass through. From the case back to the sapphire top it measures 21mm, however,  from the lugs to the top it measures a dazzling 27mm. The case is made of titanium grade 2, blasted finish with a black DLC coating. I think the choice of titanium over steel is a great one. In steel this model would have been too heavy to wear comfortably. On top you will find a 6mm flat sapphire crystal(with inside AR coating), which matches the curved sapphire bezel perfectly. You will notice a bit of domed effect because of this(Later more on the bezel). The case back is a 4mm thick screw-in type case back with Stuckx logo and specs. At first, looking at the crown, I thought that is was a bit small in relation to the size of the watch. But after looking closely and thinking of bigger crown solutions, I came to the only right concluding that it is just perfect. The crown is accompanied by two, yes two, helium valves on the left and right of the crown. The helium valves indicates water resistance, and The Rock has a WR of 1000 meters.  Of course, you don’t need two valves, but it brings balance to the case design in relation to the crown.



Also the bezel is something special. It is a thick bezel, 120 clicks uni directional. The bezel has a sapphire bezel insert with C3 luminova and black super luminova markers underneath with a truly awesome effect in the dark. The cone shaped and curved sapphire bezel matches the flat sapphire crystal in a brilliant way. I most definitely am into domed crystals, but this combination of the curved sapphire bezel and flat sapphire crystal on top results in a domed effect. A real domed sapphire on top would have to much in this case.

Dial and Hands


Looking at the black dial is just like looking into the command center of the Executor battle ship itself. Magnificent 3D effect and gives a feeling of looking into the abyss. Both dial and hands are provided with C3 luminova. On th 6 o’çlock position you will find the date window. I am not a great enthusiast regarding date windows, but this one is oke. Above the date window 1.000 meter WR and automatic is written down. The hour markers or indices are applied and enforces the 3D effect like 12 independent little towers.  The hour hand and minute hand look like a combination of snow flake and plongeur hands, very nicely done. The second hand is just a orange needle without lume.


What I particularly like is that The Rock comes with a Swiss ETA 2824 automatic movement. For me, despide the recent quality of the Miyota movements, this gives The RocK more “swagg”. It is complete, all you want in a diver is there with a Swiss movement on top of all the figures. Cool!


We mostly discussed the watch itself.  But how do we strap and restrain this impressive beast  on the wrist? I think, if you are designing and building a diving watch a leather strap is rather useless. It looks nice, but you can’t really use it in water. So one of the best parts of The Rock is, you can combine it with a ton of 24mm zulu straps. And of course, if you are not at sea, and most of the time we are not,  you can use a leather one. When purchasing this watch you have plenty of choice at Stuckx watches.

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The RocK is different. Not every wrist can handle this. But I noticed that you don’t have to wear it to enjoy it. It is a master piece of industrial design and craftsmanship but above all, it is a unique diving watch and believe me it is a conversation magnet of pure quality. So, for €699,-outside the EU or €799,- inside the EU you buy something very special. It comes in a beautiful box wit 24 month warranty.
I dare you!

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