What started as a kind of joke, turned out to become a true and new adventure. Back in 2012 two guys, Jacco and Bart, had the amazing plan to develop a watch which would stand up to their expectations.

The moment we finished a preliminary design and started looking for new techniques to manufacture the case, we got in contact with various manufacturers. These manufacturers were willing to provide us with a lot of technical information on watch-making. This information was so specific and interesting that we did not want to keep this information to ourselves. We wanted to share this with other potentially interested people who were just as passionate about this subject as we are. The idea of launching our website settled in and we started our blog, Watch Insight.

At that moment in time, BaselWorld was launched and we received several invitations for a visit. Two days we walked around the site and we were amazed about the world of watches and everything around it. Whilst still there, we shared some news on our website through our blog. Soon the number of visitors of our site rose sky-high. This was an enormous incentive for us to continue with what we started.

Over time, we’d been thinking about the direction we wanted to go that would distinguish Watch Insight from the established watch bloggers. The design of a watch was just the tip of the iceberg and we wanted other to see and recognize that the underlying technique is what really brings the watch to life. After being able to have a detailed look at the manufacturing processes of various brands, our direction was determined. We then expanded our team with Apoorv Gupta who captured the basic principles of the clockwork technique in a fantastic way.

Meanwhile my (Bart) interests in the technical part of watches began to emerge. The blogsite that once emerged from our passion and eagerness to find and share information, turned out to be the stepping stone to a new lifestyle. After following a course on the basics of watchmaking, it became clear to me that this was the direction I wanted to pursue. The course became the start of my education in watchmaking and now I have a workshop where I repair and restore watches and other clockworks.

As a result of these changes in life, we decided to terminate Watch Insight as a blog. Other sites started blogging on similar ideas and stories. Although we find it hard to say goodbye, we’ll give existents to our passion on watches in a different way.

I’d like to thank everyone that has contributed to the possibility of shaping our blog with passion, energy and fun over the last couple of years. A few of them I’d like to mention by name:

My family: Judith, Zilver and Juliette who gave me the freedom to explore and develop.

Robert Jan Broer, founder of Fratello. I deeply respect Robert Jan Broer, Bert Buijsrogge and Gerard Nijenbrinks for their achievements with Fratello.

Mike van Overveld and Gabri Luyer for their technical and creative support.

Marcel van den Berg, big thanks for your wonderful reviews and humour.

Apoorv Gupta for his beautiful and precious input. You we’re essential where it came to the technical part of our blog.

Jacco Lodewikus for being my partner in crime. There are many adventures yet to come!!

And last but not least all our site visitors!