The most seen watch-brands in St.Tropez.

Column by Jacco Lodewikus.

My yearly summer break in the bay of St. Tropez is over and as a watch-lover I thought it would be nice to spent a collum on the most seen watch brands. For people who don’t know St.Tropez; St. Tropez, in France is world-wide renowned as the place to be for the rich and famous in the summertime. St. Topez is a medieval village with colorful houses/shops, beautiful streets and a chic harbor, which in summertimes is filled with multi-million $ yachts. The combination with the nature surroundings and the magical way the sun lit’s up the village,sea and surroundings is always bin a magnet for artists.

I love this region because of the beautiful villages, climate, the sea, beaches, nature, good food and wine………bottom line I simply love it. The downsite, it’s to crowdy during the summer except if you know your way.

And now the most seen watch brands in St.Tropez:

The number one watch brand is IceWatch. What??? Yes, IceWatch, fake IceWatches or look-a-like IceWatches you see them everywhere.

Yes I know,  you as a reader are only interested in the most worn high-end brands. It’s interesting to make a difference between “old” and “new” money/wealth. “Old” money will wear Rolex, Cartier, Patek-Philippe, AP, Frank-Muller, etc where the “New” money chooses for Hublot, Rolex, AP, Richard Mille, Romain Jerome, HYT etc.

Overall winner in St. Tropez is Hublot. There are parallels between Hublot and St.Tropez. Extraordinary, exclusive, wanted to be seen and expensive.  Hublot made a special edition of there Big Bang as a tribute to the Polo Club St. Tropez, where they are also a sponsor . There are 3 Hublot boutiques in St. Tropez and 1 boutique at the famous Nikki beach in Ramatuelle. Nikki beach is an exclusive and expensive beach club where primarily famous and rich people can be spotted. All these boutiques are part of Kronometry1999 which represents a wide range of exotic watch brands.

Another big brand is Rolex which is also widely seen in St. Tropez. A part of the Giraglia Rolex Cup (sail regatta) is held in St.Tropez and in the past Rolex has been a sponsor of different nautical events, so the relation between St. Tropez and Rolex is obvious.

Till next year, St. Tropez. Vive la France!