With the Seiko Presage series, Seiko is trying to attract customers by offering a product with a fine mechanical movement and detailed  finishing  at an affordable price. Watchinsight had the possibility to have an user experience and review these unique selling points of the Seiko Presage PR6.

About Seiko.

Seiko is known around the entire world for there affordable quality watches, in contrast to numerous equal Swiss brands. Nowadays Seiko manufactures watches ranging between 300 up to 6900 euro for there Grand Seiko manufacture. They have a long history full of technical innovations and to celebrate there history all there knowledge was used for the development of the Seiko Presage series.

PR4, 6  and 8 movement.

The Seiko Presage line up is indicated by PR4, PR6 and PR8 referring to the movement.

PR 4, 6, and 8 indicates the technical innovations and amount of parts in the movement, with the PR8 as there most advanced movement. It’s remarkable that in other countries the Seiko Presage series is classified in the Basic Line and Prestige line even though we are talking about the same watches.

The movements are completely made in house with own technical innovations like Diashock, Magic Lever and a Spron mainspring.

Diashock is a device that protects the balance wheel from shock and vibration. The jewel anchoring the balance staff is attached to a hairspring and, when the balance staff is subjected to a strong shock, the elasticity of that hairspring absorbs it.

Magic lever increases the winding efficiency of a watch and shortens the time needed for the main spring to become fully wound. This ingenious V-shaped lever allows all the energy generated by the oscillating weight’s motion, whether clockwise or anti-clockwise, to be transferred to the main spring.

Spron mainspring and hairspring alloys are exclusive to Seiko watches. Spron features superior elasticity, strength, and corrosion and heat resistance. The Spron family of alloys was originally developed jointly with the Metal Materials Laboratory of Tohoku University and, today, the high performance characteristics of Spron have led to its use in a wide range of fields, from electronics to medicine.

The movement is reliable and of a high technical quality for this price range. Unfortunately the finishing of some parts is poor.

Case and Dial.

The stainless case has a diameter of 40,5 mm and is a mix of classic and modern design. At the front there is a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating applied. The back of the case is provided with a hardlex glas and the case is water resistant until 100 meters.

The dial has a striped pattern on which the digits of the hours are printed. There is a date and power reserve window in the dial. Time is shown by blue coloured hands.

In my opinion the case diameter is rather small and the design of the dial in combination with used materials are not in balance/to crowded. The finishing of the edges of the opening for the power reserve is messy, as you can see in the picture. This effect is amplified by the fact that the dial has a striped pattern.

Overall thoughts.

Seiko is positioning the Presage series as fine mechanical watchmaking and durable for many generations. This sets high expectations.

Although the technical part of the movement is nice and most likely will be durable, the finishing of the movement isn’t always. Also the edges of the window opening in the dial of the reviewed model are messy.

In the design there are different elements which are individual nice but together it doesn’t give the wow/nice factor.

Who are the potential customers in Europe for the Seiko Presage series? I think Seiko enthusiasts but in my opinion there are a lot of watches in this price range which are more appealing by the way they look and with almost equal reliable movements.


Watch insight and Seiko