Last year there was a lot of fuzz before and during the biggest watch fair, Baselworld. The subject; smartwatch. 

But why? Because Apple would introduce there smartwatch later that year and they hired some well-known people from the Swiss watch industry. How would this influence the watch market and what was to expect? The most ridicule part of it al was, that there already was a “big”  smartwatch market with brands like Samsung and Motorola.

As a reaction some Swiss watch brands were introducing there own “smartwatch” or were making a lot of publicity about the watch that they where developing but wasn’t ready (Tag-Heuer)

But this year it’s silent. Except some B-brand China smartwatch companies.

The people who bought an Apple smartwatch, bought it because it’s Apple or because of it’s features.

A lot of people forgot that a smartwatch doesn’t function when the battery is dead and has to be charged every day. And it’s features are not fully functional when not connected to a phone.  So now you see a lot of Apple watches appearing on the second-hand market. The value drop in comparison with mechanical watches is enormous. When a smartwatch is introduced it’s already old just like with smartphones something you will never see with a mechanical watch.

The most important thing what was generally overlooked: a smartwatch has no “emotion” like a mechanical watch. Take the battery out and for instance an Apple watch turns into a little dead box.