Valorous by Marc Lange

Classic with modern twist :

Marc Lange makes the finest jewelry and watches .

The Dutch designer draws his inspiration from unconventional materials he mixes with gold and precious stones . His creations are always playful and never get bored.

Convincing evidence is the new form that he created for one of his classics : the watch clasp . Nearly 20 years later Marc Lange creates a renewed acquaintance with this popular accessory that make the boundary between jewelery and watch fade.

The new clasp watch Valorous looks minimalist. The luxury lies in the details. Thus, the sun dial and drag feature arched sapphire crystal . There is a choice of a silver-white , dark blue , dark gray or golden yellow variety . The band is made of steel and available in matte or glossy finish . For the enthusiast , there is also a model with a diamond of 0.07 carats . A Swiss quartz movement guarantees precision .

With an unerring sense of the zeitgeist Valorous ties in with the subtle longing for shine and luster . More good news : the watches to fit any wrist because they are available in small, medium , large and extra large .