Staudt watches on MicroSunday

Todays MicroSunday we will be talking about Staudt Watches. This brand was founded by Yvo Staudt in 2014 with the Praeludium as its first model. This year some special edition will appear and also a completely new model.

Yvo Staudt is a very succesfull musician who was studying in Italy when he got struck by another passion, watchmaking. He started out with some old models, took them apart to get to know the movements and watch design. After a while he bought a watch case and a movement. Designed a dial and put the watch together. He attended a watch fair and many questions where asked about the watch. People wanted to know where they could get it. Yvo made some adjustments to the case and a better dial was made. The Praeludium was born.



The case for the first model was made out of titanium. For the latest models its made out of 316L steel and there are even some cases available in 18crt yellow gold. The shape of the case can be identified with a dress watch, but due to the size of the movement it’s a bit bigger than the common dress watches, 42.5mm.

The case has a nice natural flow on it. The luggs are not just their to hold the strap, no they are part of the case design. Combination of high polished parts in contrast of a few brushed faces. On the first design, the model now available is the 3th generation, the lunette had a bold appearance. The shape has been changed into a hollow kind. The sapphire is placed in this thin lunette providing as much view on the dial as possible. The sapphire is treated on both sides to keep disturbing glares away.



Not much has changed in the looks compared to the first dial. The way the first movement was configurated with the seconds hand on the 6 o’clock hasn’t been changed with the new movement. Three colour combinations are available, Staudt Blue, Artic Ivory and Midnight Black. The Artic Ivory comes with blued dials as for the blue and black they are polished steel.

The dial itself is made out of two piece. The base dial is lacquered, this is a very intense and time consuming process. 12 layers of lacquer are applied and every layer has to be dried in an oven. This process is needed to ensure a flawless surface.

When de base dial is finished the outer ring is applied. The indexes are applied by a stamp method.

The Artic Ivory is completely lacquered and has a really nice blue glare to it almost a mother of pearl finish.



The first model, made in Italy, had a Unitas/ETA 6498 in it. The current model still has a handwound movement in it or can also be provided with a automatic movement.

The main bridge is gilded with a rose gold. It’s a 3/4 bridge with a circular Cote D’Geneve engraved on it. The chaton for the rubis are gilded in yellow gold and make a nice contrast of barrier between the bright red of the rubis and the main bridge. The screws are blued and finish the movement off.

The power reserve is 50 hours. The balancespring can be adjusted by a Col de Signe, this gives the movement a really nice and more handcrafted look.

The Staudt name is laser engraved on the main bridge.



The Staudt Praeludium is a very well balanced watch. A bit bigger than other dress watches but very comfortable on the wrist. The model has grown into a very mature watch keeping true to the first design. Our favorite colour is the Artic Ivory. The blue is a good second runner up.

We know Yvo got some surprises planned for the end of this year and we are looking forward to it!!

Technical Specifications

Movement Swiss hand wound  or automatic movement


21.600 Bph
50hr power reserve
Gold plated Chaton de rubis
Col de Signe (swan neck regulator)
Famous 3/4 bridge, plated with 18 carat pink gold
Circulair Cote D’Geneve
High end polished screwed, a mix of polished and thermo blued.
Jewels 19 rubis
Stainless steel watch
Case size 42.5 mm x 10.5 mm
Dial Seconds sub dial at six o’clock

Two-tone, multi layered dial available in three colours (Staudt-blue Arctic Ivory and Midnight black)

Arab numerals

Crystal anti-reflective, scratch resistant sapphire crystal.
Strap and clasp Genuine alligator watch strap, hand made in Italy
Engraved stainless steel folding clasp



Staudt Watches