Why buy a smartwatch if you have a trivoly?

Everywhere you look brands are trying to offer you their best smartwatch. But what if you are a true watch lover and you don’t want it replaced by another gimmick. What if you like a Rolex or a vintage Patek on your wrist….. No problem!! Trivoly has the answer to all watchonista’s and can turn and can turn any watch, automatic, handwinder, modern and classic into a fully functional smartwatch.

USA launch


Trivoly was invented by two tech entrepreneurs with a passion for watches. The product consist of a small disk, only 30 mm in width and 2,6 mm thick together with an amazing app you can turn every watch into a smartphone.

 Meet Trivoly


The app can be downloaded and gives a strong insight of the capabilities of the Trivoly disc and its professional approach.

telefoon losFunctions

  • Optical Led and vibrations notifications for 20 apps, like whatsapp, Facebook.
  • Step Counter
  • Remote music, Sonos, Itunes and Sportify
  • Remote Selfie up to 25 ft
  • Full Fitness tracker using optical heart rate sensor

Trivoly Smartwatch technology


The product is fully developed and now ready for production. For the production Trivoly starts a kickstarter project as of the 2nd of November. Early supports get a nice discount and will be the first.

Hands on Preview

Watch Insight will be the first to bring you a hands on preview of this amazing piece of technology what, we believe, will change the smartwatch industry.

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