What to expect from Basel 2016?!

Bart (founder/CEO/contributor) of Watchinsight said; I don’t know what to expect from Basel 2016. The same question came to my mind.

But what’s to expect from the biggest yearly watch event where the most brands are presenting there new products for 2016? Simple: new watches.

This is obvious, but I’m referring to the expectations about highlights/hot items/trends before the watch fair starts. Last year there was a bigggg buzz about smartwatches, this year it feels a little “empty”. The buzz last year was mainly caused by the fact that a few Swiss brands where introducing a “smartwatch” in reaction to the introduction of the Apple watch later that year. The watch from which was expected to be game changing.

The “empty” feeling is caused by the fact there isn’t a big buzz like last year.


There is enough to expect, the introduction of new models of mechanical watches.

Which watch will steel our “heart” this year? It certainly will not be a smartwatch….

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