Will Tudor gain the Rolex value?

Column by Jacco Lodewikus.

Wil Tudor ever gain the same reputation of quality and value as its big brother Rolex? Maybe.

Tudor is certainly expanding there market share with high value for money in combination with nice looks. Many people don’t know Tudor, but certainly will know Rolex.

Tudor was founded march 1946 by Hans Wilsdorf (founder Rolex) with the idea that there agents could sell watches for a more modest price then the high quality expensive Rolex. For this time period, the idea to position a “cheaper” brand next to Rolex can already be called revolutionary.

Tudor had a very big succes in 1964 with the introduction of the Tudor Prince Submariner (brother or sister of the all time legendary Rolex Submariner). This watch was developed as military tool for the US army and later on officially adopted by the France navy. When you see the models of Tudor, in that time period, you see a lot of similarity with Rolex.

Start of an new chapter

In my point of view, Tudor never again regained such a big succes as they had with the Prince Submariner. But time changes. Tudor again started investing more money in there marketing and development of new watches. A result of this is the introduction of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay, which received a lot of positieve reviews and the prestigious GPHG 2013 award. Also Tudor is introducing more models with their own identity like for instance the Tudor Fastrider Black Shield.

Source Tudor

Nowadays Tudor, more then ever is reaching toward the level of quality of Rolex, in there casings and straps. The big difference is that Tudor uses high quality Eta movements. If Tudor would start making there own movements, just like Rolex, they could reach near the reputation level of Rolex. Off course the question is if big brother Rolex would allow this. Also Rolex watch designs, in my opinion, are more timeless.

In the price range between 2000 and 3500 euro, Tudor has nice high quality watches with its own identity. Thats why it is on top of my buying list.
And if you think in terms of investment, just like the rock solid value of Rolex, I think the value of a Tudor watch is consolidating. This means Tudor will be a good investment just like it was with the Tudor Prince Submariner.

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