Wristlet-Hand Bronze watch on MicroSunday

This years trend is most certainly the bronze watch. Lots of high end brands have brought bronze watches to the market this year, like Tudor and Oris. Microbrands have been using this material for a much longer time and created some amazing watches. Today we take a look at a new microbrand Wristlet.

The Trench watch (Wristlet) was a type of watch that came into use by the military during World War I, as pocket watches were not practical in combat. Some soldiers began strapping their pocket watches onto their wrists and this is how the first wrist watch was born. A watch was something every soldier was suppost to have at all times.

Most of the battles in the WOI were in the trenches of the combat fields so it was called Trench Watch or Wristlet.


Wristlet is completely hand made bronze watch.

Using Bronze CuSN 8 for the case and brass for the lugs and buckles. Bronze is an amazing material to use for watches because of its unique chemical properties, it changes during the time-from copper red, to dark brown or patina green.

The lunette is rather thin giving the user a great view of the dial.

The case back is also a see through giving you the joy to see the movement at work.

Lugs are made of brass wire, patents are made of 1 mm brass plate, buckles are 3 mm brass plate.


The heart of the watch is Sea-Gull ST3600 mechanical movement. This movement is an exact clone of Unitas 6497. The reliability of this movement is very good. It looks great so hands up!!

Schermafdruk 2016-07-17 15.23.49


The dial is a “Sandwich dial” made of high luminous material (imported from Japan) and painted stainless steel. The dial’s material is very reactive and need just few minutes of sun exposure to glow as torch.

The company is willing to make a personalised dial for the buyers, here are some examples:



The strap is also handmade. Using 2 mm vegetable tanned italian leather. For the dyeing a very old  traditional method of dyeing with rust, called Vinegaroon. This method gives vintage look and it looks really well with the bronze and brass.

Each watch will be packed in hand made solid wooden box.

The box is made of birch wood, then sandblasted and completed to black charcoal finish.

 Schermafdruk 2016-07-17 15.34.41


Wristlet Watch