First Quartz Grand Seiko

Seiko has a well known reputation build on the Grand Seiko collection. To complete this collection of mechanical watches, spring or automated, a Quartz is now aded. Made with by the highest standards both technical as in appearance.

Quartz à la Grand Seiko


SBGV019GWith the first mechanical Grand Seiko, dating 1960,  used as a blueprint the goal was set to recreate the best Quartz calibre. The 9F calibre has to be from the highest level possible to achieve by mankind.

Unique dail readability

The use of a very powerful twin pulse motor, makes it possible to use heavier hands. There for the readability of the time is much better in comparison of the basic quartz hours. The hands reach as far as the end of the dail, this is usually only a feature seen on mechanical watches.

Extreme precision 

grand seiko 9FThe 9F caliber is highly accurate because of the use of special selected and regulated Quartz Crystals. In comparison of the regular quartz hours, this caliber makes it possible to set the secondhand exactly on the spot set on the dail. The hour is of the highest accuracy of +/- 10 seconds a year.

Most hours take some time to prepare the adjustment of the date. The 9F caliber does this in exactly 1/2000 of a split second.

First sapphire back on a Quartz


To show the world the hard work payed off a special case was designed to show this amazing 9F caliber. A special coated sapphire placed on the backlit shows the inside. The coating is needed to protect the crystals from UV radiation.

A special insert was designed to create a magnetic resistance of 4,800 A/m. The sapphire is shaped in a special way to keep the battery where it should be.

Grand Seiko is Simply The Very Best of SEIKO.


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