Baume et Mercier Classima Graduation Time

Baume et Mercier has this amazing Classima collection, affordable luxury for the great moment of life, the milestone of graduation.

These memories are never forgotten. They will forever be engraved in our hearts. Late night, study sessions spent alone or with friends. The way the classroom looked. The time spent poring through books, and the arrival of the big day. The anxiety felt as the professor handed out the final exam. The restlessness endured upon answering a long-dreaded question. The beads of sweat that glistened on the forehead. And then, suddenly, the light bulb turns on. Fear fades away and focus is regained. Finally, school is over and books take their places on the shelf. Days, weeks and months pass. One impatiently awaits the results, which arrive in a letter, in an email, on a bulletin board. After an eager name search, emotion immediately sets in. Is it joy? Relief? The emotion is difficult to put into words. Like a rite of passage, the completion of one’s studies and then embarking on a career path is one of the most memorable times in life, a pivotal moment that marks one’s transition into professional life.

The Classima is a watch that epitomizes this whirlwind of emotion and life stage. Naturally sought after by young graduates in quest of a promising future, this initiatory watch is associated with their first successes. Symbolizing the start of professional life, graduation is the first of these milestones. With its more contemporary lines, the Classima (available in versions for men and now also for women) carries within it a sense of the wildest dreams, timeless elegance, as well as the incredible poise and conquering spirit of young graduates. More than a talisman, it is a bearer of good luck and an intimate key into the professional world. The perfect gift for a loved one or to reward oneself, it celebrates this unforgettable event in a momentous way. As the ideal watch for celebrating a graduation or succeeding at an important exam, the assima is also a precious initiation into the world of Swiss watchmaking. It is sure to become a sentimental timepiece that embodies the audacity of our youth, now and forevermore.

Classima Men

dual time, big date

baume et mercier classima quartz Remaining loyal to the Baume & Mercier motto, “Accept only perfection, only manufacture watches of the highest quality”, the Classima is the watch for the up-and-coming generation and tomorrow’s talents. With its 40 mm diameter polished steel case, it has all the marks of success: it features a refined white dial with an understated line decor for a determinedly timeless look, a large date in twin apertures positioned at 12 o’clock, and a second time-zone in a counter at 6 o’clock. Housing a high-precision Swiss quartz moment, the Classima upholds the codes of luxury and watchmaking savoirfaire while remaining affordable. With its black alligator strap, Roman numerals and elegant indexes, this ideal watch for young graduates offers incomparable style that is unique yet timeless, classic yet contemporary. In short, it is endlessly captivating. Its solid case back allows it to be secretly engraved with a name, date, quote or sentimental message. It is a watch with a hint of everyday to discreetly wear with a suit and slide under a shirt cuff, yet also offers a more casual feel for weekend wear.


Classima Women

Diamond-set mother-of-pearl dial

baume et mercier classima quartz herFrom its origins, Baume & Mercier has given special attention to the desires of women and has upheld their wish to show the world their passion for watches. With its striking 36.5 mm case, the Classima delights the eyes at first glance. Featuring a mother-of-pearl dial, diamond-set indexes, fine hands with an airy silhouette, a small date aperture at 3 o’clock and a polished steel case and bracelet, this ideal watch for young, talented graduates houses a high-precision Swiss quartz movement. As the elegant signature of the women’s collection, its sunray decor adds a touch of refinement to the natural mother-of-pearl of its radiant dials. Marrying the codes of fine watchmaking with the aesthetic beauty of accessible luxury, the Classima is sure to become popular among young women who desire to celebrate their graduation and transition to professional life with charm, and also offers the option of engraving a personal message on its full case back. It is a watch showcasing refined lines of ideal proportions that opens the doors to a bright and  promising future.