Cecil Purnell V15 Baselworld 2014

On Baselworld we took a closer look at the exclusive and beautiful watches from Cecil Purnell. Baselworld 2014 is the premiere of the Cecil Purnell V15. The Cecil Purnell V15 is a double tourbillon, which ensures greater precision.

Since 2006, Cecil Purnell has created unique Tourbillon timepieces from the development of its own calibers. Cecil Purnell is not a brand which is widely known. They have earned a reputation second to none thanks to the enthusiasm of connoisseurs of finely crafted precision watchmaking. Al there watches are made-to-order.

The Cecil Purnell V15 is there fifth caliber.

Cecil Purnell V15



Unveiled at BASELWORLD 2012, the Rendez-Vous reinvigorates the brand by infusing a traditional yet bold timepiece. Rendez-Vous showcases the CP-V13 and CP-V14, yet another original development from Cecil Purnell Ateliers in terms of conception and realization.

Cecil Purnell CP-V13

The Passage De L’Heure (CP-V13) movement maintains numerous positions, including an offbutton and a power reserve indicator. Its construction doesn’t indicate the number of hours, but the passage of the hours. With each passing hour, the ringing occurs between one and four times, adjustable by the user via a mono-pusher on the crown. Consistent with the brand’s desire to glorify and demonstrate the inner-workings and beauty of Tourbillon mechanisms, the piece is unique in the placement of its hammer and resonance rod on the dial to enhance the visual effect and exemplify the beauty of its function. Synonymous with the earliest foundations in watch mechanisms, the (CP-V14) Regulator is a testament to the brand’s respect for traditional values. The caliber is complemented with an oldfashioned hour dial with hand painted roman numerals.

Cecil Purnell CP-14 Cecil Purnell CP-V14

Source Watchinsight and Cecil Purnell

Photo’s Watchinsight.com