Gruman Watches

For todays MicroSunday we take a closer look at a new watch brand Gruman Watches. The first model launched by Gruman is the Sputnik. The design features are inspired by Russian watches and the mystery of the Soviet secret service agencies. This design is completed with Swiss movements and a price tag well under ¢1000.

Gruman Watches

The idea behind Gruman watches started around a year and a half ago. A long time was spent for the design of the first watch (Sputnik) but one thing was sure since the very beginning : We wanted to offer the highest quality for the price, and for this of course, we had to go Swiss.
Seeing the rise of 100% Shenzhen made watches with Asian movement being sold at 500$ and more, we decided to make something Swiss Made that would be priced aggressively. Doing so, we allow watch enthusiasts around the world to own an exceptional timepiece without having to pay 10 times it’s real cost. With an original design made from scratch, our watch is something unique, something people have never seen before. Without the four digits price tag, and yet offering the same specs as a lot of +1’000$ watches.
It’s not a coincidence the word « Swiss » is constantly associated with « luxury ». Switzerland is the cradle of watchmaking but also the finest place for it. Our mission to deliver the best watches for the best price is a very delicate process, where only the most refined materials and components are chosen to create our timepieces. The spirit inside our watches comes from the association of both Swiss and Soviet traditions.
Soviet watches are very sought after by collectors all around the world, and this for a reason. Not only their history are captivating to learn but the idea behind it makes them unique. The motto of soviet manufacturing was to build things « Na sto let », which roughly translate « for a hundred years ». The
truth behind this saying explains a lot about the cult around Soviet watches.
This is exactly what we have in mind for our watches, to make it last a hundred years, allowing it to be passed to future generations.

The Sputnik Concept

The Sputnik is a Swiss Made watch with Russian inspiration.
The concept started observing the history of Russian secret service agencies, more precisely the GRU (military intelligence service).
Missions on the ground, airborne, combat diver, the GRU Spetsnaz (special forces) are evolving in extremely challenging environment in order to fulfill their missions. Being the Military intelligence agency, they also have a very developed network of spies all around the world.
The unique dial of the watch correspond to the texture of a satellite, which is nowadays, the most powerful surveillance system used by intelligence agencies all around the world.

The Sputnik is an hybrid, based on these Specifications :
Airborne : Second time with the GMT (bezel for 3hands version)
Diver : Water resistance of 200m and inner rotating timer reflector
Spy : Rugged but beautiful enough for the boardroom, undercover missions, and daily activities.

The Color schemes

Victory Day

3H Victory Day GMT Victory Day

Not only being an attractive color scheme, it is full of signification.
Black and Orange are the color of the Ribbon of Saint George.
This is a Russian and Soviet high military decoration, awarded for example to people who contributed and fought for the Victory over the Nazis.

Classic Diver

3H Classic Diver GMT Classic Diver

The dark blue/yellow combination is the classic diver style. Blue for ocean color, and contrasting yellow accents to increase readability. It’s a classic, a lot of vintage divers have this dark blue dial, reminding the ocean’s color.
Being a hybrid diver watch, we feel it is right to offer a blue dial variant.

Soviet Vintage

3H Vintage Soviet

Vintages watches have inspired this color scheme. White simple dials were very popular back in the Soviet Union, and those often ended a beige/cream color with the time passing.
Taking inspiration from them, we found it’s a nice and unusual color, fitting with every occasion.

Ice Blue

GMT Ice Blue

This color scheme is widely used for military aircraft. It is also a dear homage to the color Baikal lake (Siberia) takes for the winter freeze, at around -45o Celsius.

Technical Specifications

Movement ETA 2893 GMT & ETA 2824-2
Case material Stainless steel, mineral glass exhibition case back
Bezel Ceramic engraved
Dial Engraved and bronze embossed unique satellite texture
Dimensions Diameter : 42 mm, without crown (both screw down)

Height : 13mm for both models

Lug width : 20mm at the lugs and then enlargement 24mm for the strap

Lug to Lug : 48.40mm

Indices Swiss SuperLuminova C5 (green look, blue glow)
Water Resistance 200 meters/660 feet/20 ATM
Final sizing
Gruman Watches