Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman Titanium Review

The Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman was introduced at Baselworld 2016 and now Watchinsight got it for review. Not the normal edition but the titanium 46 mm.  The watch is inspired by the watches Hamilton created for the US naval “frogmen” teams in the first and second world-war. It was also  featured in the 1951 smash-hit movie The Frogmen. But is the Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman titanium a luxury watch or a real tool, at a price of 1345 euro?


Hamilton, I think a lot of people seen there watches without realizing. Hamilton is one of the biggest watch suppliers for the Hollywood movie industry for example Interstellar, Men in Black 1/2/3, The Avengers etc. There are also of lot of people owning an Hamilton because the company has a history starting in 1892, founded in Lancaster, United States.  Hamilton was founded during the industrial revolution and introduced a pocket watch in 1912 that earned the title of “The watch of Railroad accuracy”. During that period accidents were all too common due to the fact that various railroads worked with over 50 different “times” – so Hamilton set out to deliver accurate watches to the railroad community. Hamilton obviously also became an important supplier in 1914 for US Armed forces and developed specific watches for the military divers called the frogman. So Hamilton has quite a history in “tool” watches, but how does the Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman titanium preform?

The watch

The first impression of the watch is that it’s huge, has a crisp and clear view and has a beautiful case. The big crown construction is a design feature and inspired on the original “frogman”. Due to the big crown and 46 mm case, the crown with safety mechanism will quite certain rub the skin of your hand.

The 46 mm titanium case of the watch is beautiful designed and finished. Because the watch is water-resistant to a depth of 1000 m,  it’s fitted with a helium valve. The case back is screwed down into the case and engraved with a picture of a diver.

A sapphire glass with antireflective coating gives a clear view at the dail with time and date. In my opinion the dail/watch would be more exciting and stylish when it was fitted with a dail with more depth/shine, now it’s matt black. The indexes and hands are fitted with Super-Luminova but strangely during our tests it didn’t preform that well.

The aluminium bezel with red coating is nice detailed but functions not so smooth. It rotates only to the left, in according with official divers and has 120 clicks.

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The Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman series has a automatic movement called H-10. It’s a quality ETA movement and that it’s specially designed for Hamilton with a 80 hour power reserve. The movement has a frequency of 28.800 Hz. In our test we didn’t reach this 80 hours.


The watch has a soft rubber strap with titanium clasp. The strap attracts dust due to the finishing and would have been more stylish in another material. In my opinion it would have been better to give the watch a titanium/steel or real rubber strap.

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Final Thought.

It’s difficult to position the Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman Titanium. It has nice design elements but for daily use it’s not always suited because of the big size of the watch and crown mechanism.

When you are gonna use the watch purely for diving the most interesting feature is the water-restistance of 1000 m. But would a diver buy this product to depend on during deep water adventures? There are also professional diver brands.

I think the Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman is somewhere in between a luxury and professional product. If you are looking for a big bold watch with some diver credibility and willing to spend 1345 euro for a watch that’s not suited for everyday use, the Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman Titanium 46 mm could be the watch you are looking for.

Another possibility is the “normal” 42 mm Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman which is more suited for daily use, cheaper, also available with steel strap and water-resistant to a depth of 200 m.

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Source Watchinsight and Hamilton.