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We write a lot about the great brands of this earth. Some of them have been around for ages if not centuries. But these days new brands pop up at a daily bases, we cant and wont write about everyone of them. The ones that trigger us in some sort of way like The Porthole from Pheidippides we like to share with you.

Pheidippides is founded and owned by our fellow dutchman Rogier van Ree. In 2015 he designed his first watch, The Inkpot, but is wasn’t intend to be the beginning of the business it is now. The unique design was noticed by watch lovers. After a short period of time the right partners where found and the first watch was made soon after. The inkpot has a very complex design so its going to take a little more time to enter the market.

The Porthole was born during the production fase of The Inkpot. Seeing the possibility’s of the craftsmen who made the case and other parts it inspired Rogier to come up with this second watch design. The Porthole’s design show features influenced by a nautical theme.


The case is made of bronze, this is easier to handle because its softer than for example stainless steel. The off side is because its softer is will show signs of wearing sooner. A very positive thing about bronze is, is devolopes a very nice patina over time. This will make every watch a unique piece.

The shape of the case is very smooth, it has no shaper edges. Even around the back case their is no rim, this is because it was polished after is was assembled. Wearability is very good because of the way the lugs, for the straps, are attached to the case. They are made of polished stainless steel, giving it a very nice contrast against the bronze case.

Frontside sapphire is shaped following the case fluently making it one smooth shape. The back case also has a sapphire showing the movement.

The crown seems rather big at first sight, maybe because is also made of stainless steel, so it pops out. When you look at it after the first time it’s 7mm size seems to fit perfectly.

Pheidippides The Porthole front


A bright blue lacquered dial enhancing the nautical theme suits the bronze case very well. The hour markers resemble buoys floating in the sea. They have dots of Superluminova so they lighten up at night.

The hands are made 2,4 mm wide and have rounded tips completely covering the hour marks, but at the place of the Superluminova dots a opening is made so time can be seen even at night. The hands also have the Superluminiva but it is put on the down side giving a nice glance of light at the blue dial.

The signature of Pheidippides seems to be the central placed second hand, which is shaped as a little drop of water, ink. This is one of the features that makes it a complete well thought out design.

Appliqués showing the name and kind of movement, “Automatic”, is put on the 6 o’clock position of the dial.


Burning heart of this Porthole is Swiss movement STP5-15, made by Swiss Technology Productions. This automatic movement has a power reserve of 44 hours. Its a basic movement, but one with good finishing. Pheidippides name is mentioned on its rotor.

Strap and buckle

A choice can made between a rubber strap or a brown leather strap.


This design is rather unique because of the material, bronze, and the odd shape of the case. But it is so well balanced with very nice details making it a very nice watch.

We’ve seen The Inkpot live and also a prototype of The Hourglass……..there are going to be some more reviews about this brand, thats a promise.

The Porthole is currently on Indiegogo.

Pheidippides The Porthole box


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