Hysek IO 45mm Jumping Hours Tourbillon

Hysek’s IO Jumping Hours Tourbillon is both disruptive and intuitive – a high-flying feat of creativity. With a new, 100% manufacture calibre, its disc display system encompasses a central tourbillon to deliver a brand new way of telling the time, coupled with outstanding technical prowess, and all encapsulated in a rose gold case.

Many claim to have resolved the constant tension of being simultaneously true to watchmaking tradition and to modernity. But when all’s said and done, the straightforward test of such claims is whether a timepiece gives you an overwhelming sense of familiarity the first time you see it – despite being quite unlike any watch in history.

The Hysek IO Jumping Hours Tourbillon is such a piece. This striking, ground-breaking watch is pure Hysek, even as it uses the oldest of time-display complications. The result is quite simply a unique timepiece, never before seen in the annals of horology, that is nevertheless easy to understand.

The watchmaker’s amphitheatre

To pull off this feat, Hysek has used the geometry of its IO to full effect. In the centre of this miniature theatre sits, not a pair of hands, but a tourbillon. Aware that this hypnotic escapement is sure to win the acclaim of all seasoned watch-lovers, the manufacture has let it play the leading role. To complete the visual effect, Hysek has made it a flying tourbillon – meaning that it has no upper bridges – held in place by a ceramic ball bearing fixed to the plate. As a result, the tourbillon appears to be hanging in mid-air, centre stage, focussing all eyes on it. Hysek has also skeletonized the movement to further heighten the sense of depth when contemplating the watch.

The manufacture has showcased this escapement, and created the perfect backdrop for its performance, by the simple expedient of two discs. Echoing the tiered seating in an amphitheatre, Hysek has designed multiple levels of time-telling, arranged in concentric circles – like so many spectators around the main stage occupied by the tourbillon.

Ballet of the hours

The first disc marks minutes. The slim, black circle is engraved in white and has 60 minute markings, remaining as motionless as rapt spectators while a delicate gold-coloured mobile arc runs round the circumference to display the minutes. The hour disc sits above it, graduated over 24 hours. On this broad outer ring, only the hour in progress is fully readable, framed by a pink gold window, while the others are concealed behind an openwork applique motif. Its smooth yet lively outline is accentuated by a black and maroon flange – a combination that provides a clever colour transition from the black disc to the timepiece’s gold finish.

“The IO seeks to break free from convention in every respect – and yet remains consistent down to the tiniest detail”

Hysek’s hallmark Rose des vents compass rose finish graces all the bridges and is visible on the back, as well as on the black plate that serves as a dial. Indeed, the IO seeks to break free from convention in every respect – and yet remains consistent down to the tiniest detail.

A new, 100% manufacture calibre

The IO Jumping Hours Tourbillon is powered by a new automatic calibre, the HW20, wholly designed and produced in the Hysek manufacture. Guaranteeing a 42-hour power reserve, it can be admired through the watch’s sapphire back. The time is set with a single button, located at 3 o’clock. Hysek has developed a specific safety mechanism to prevent any unwelcome incident in the event of the hands accidentally being turned anti-clockwise.

The IO Jumping Hours Tourbillon has 322 parts and comes in a 45 mm case. It will be available in two rose gold versions, the second featuring a gemset bezel. Both will be available in limited editions of 88 pieces.

Source www.hysek.com