IF Design Award For Meistersingers Circularis

A sign of excellence: Circularis wins coveted iF Design Award

Only launched the previous fall, the MeisterSinger Circularis has now been awarded a highly prized distinction: the iF Design Award, conferred by the International Forum Design.


From January 20 to 22, a 53-person jury in Hamburg examined and discussed almost 5,000 submissions. The adjudicators were convinced by the consistent, well-balanced design of the MeisterSinger Circularis.

As from February 27, the day of the award presentation, it will be listed in the official iF design app, a highly regarded reference for trendsetting design. Moreover, it can be viewed at an exhibition held in the heart of Hamburg’s HafenCity district.

Circularis_blue_MID_RES_300DPI  Circularis_caseback_MID_RES_300DPI

For us too, the Circularis is a very special watch, as it is our first model to be powered by a movement that we have finely tailored and developed especially for our own watches in conjunction with our Swiss partner. The MSH01 combines power with outstanding precision – ideal characteristics for a movement designed to drive single-hand watches. Manfred Brassler, founder of MeisterSinger, fitted the finely finished movement with a uniquely shaped bridge, thereby creating the visual connection between high technical refinement and his own aesthetic ideals, which are apparent in the balanced design of the stainless steel case and the fine serif typeface that graces the dial. The center of the dial features a slightly concave recess, with twelve slender markings that hark back to the ancient forebears of modern chronometers – the old sundials. Whenever this meticulously polished face moves in the light, the Circularis gains a new, fascinating appearance again and again.

The thing that makes us particularly happy about receiving the iF label is its international character, as the jury consists of design experts from 20 nations, all working together. The fact that these knowledgeable people found the Circularis

worthy of an award shows us that the language of MeisterSinger design is understood and appreciated throughout the world.


Model                        Circularis

Movement                 MSH01 Handaufzug, 120 Stunden Gangreserve

Diameter                  43 mm

Case                          stainless steel, 4-screw exhibition back, water resistance 5 bar, sapphire glass


Variant                       sunburst sapphire blue

Source Meistersinger