Junghans, a brand with a long and succesfull 150 year history. In this history they introduced the Junghans Meister series with own manufacture in 1936. Today this model still exits, off coarse adapted thru time but still a “classic” with it’s Plexiglass crystal. The current Junhans Meister Chronoscope is not a recent introduced model (2015) but Watchinsight had the opportunity to have an user experience during longer time.

History of Junghans Meister Series.

In the 1930s Junghans begins to fit movements of its own design and manufacture in wrist- watches. The first ‘Meister’ wristwatch is launched in 1936, powered by the J80 calibre. Its finest version is known as J80/2 and refined with a special stripe finish. They become the centrepiece of the ‘Meister’ series. The design bears the signature of Junghans ‘watch architect’ Anton Ziegler, who continued to design ‘well-shaped saleable’ watches into the 1960s.

Junghans Meister Series Today.

The Junghans Meister series is available in various models. Steel or gold look cases. When you choose for a ” gold” case its PVD treated. Movements with different complications, automatic of hand winded.  In this review we are talking about the Junghans Meister Chronoscope. It a chronograph watch with day/date function.

Chronoscope Movement J880.1

The Junghans Meister Chronoscope  is a Self-winding movement with display for date/day and chronoscope with second stop. A “chronograph” is the name used today to describe a watch with a stopwatch function. This name is not strictly speaking correct however, since “chronograph” is derived from the Greek words “chronos” and “graph”, which mean “time” and “writing”. Since the watch’s additional function is not to record the time but rather simply to show it, the correct term, which is also used among specialists, is actually “chronoscope”. In the case of a column­wheel chronoscope, the functions such as start, stop and resetting are not governed via a cam system control, but rather using the more technically sophisticated column wheel control.

The lay out of the movement is based on the ETA7750 calibre and results in a reliable and durable movement. The power reserve is aprroximately 48 hours when the watch is fully winded.

A unique selling point of this watch is that the watch is available in German or English language concerning the day/date display.

Case and Dial.

The stainless case has a diameter of 40,7 mm and is a mix of classic and modern design. It’s nicely finished and polished.

A unique, timeless and design determining feature is the convex hard plexiglass with sicralan coating.  The Sicralan MRL UV coating method was developed for suppliers to the automotive industry. This transparent coating causes a functional and aesthetic value: increased scratch resistance, improved UV and chemical resistance and a more intense deep gloss. The downside of the convex hard plexiglass is that it’s not as scratch resistant as a sapphire crystal.  The shape of the crystal is part of it’s distinctive design but also increases the risk of scratches.

The 5 times screwed back of the case is provided with a mineral glas and the case is water resistant up to 3 atm/30 meters.

The dial has sunray brush finishing in anthracite-grey color and is slightly bended following the crystal.

There is a day and date window in the dial. The minute and hour hand have a stripe off Super Luminova.

Because of the reflections due to the crystal in combination with the shiny parts and grey colors of the dail, the time/chronograph sometimes are difficult to read. A very positive aspect is the SuperLuminova on the hands, which is not seen on many other comparable dress watches.


The strap is made of horse skin. It’s nice, comfortable and durable.

Unfortunately there is no folding clasp and at this price range my opinion is that it has to be standard available. Certainly for this watch it would almost be a necessary safety feature to prevent the watch from falling down when you put on your watch with it’s scratch sensitive crystal. You can find several cases at internet forums where unfortunately this occurred.

Overall thoughts.

The Junghans Meister Chronoscope is a watch with a distinctive timeless design. An important aspect of this design is the plexiglass crystal but it certainly can be more sensitive to scratches. Off coarse this gives the watch it’s own identity. The lack of a folding clasp is somewhat disappointing.

At a price of approximately 1900 euro you get an interesting and distinctive quality watch made in Germany.

Watchinsight and Junghans.