Maranez Undercover this weeks MicroSunday

Today on “MicroSunday” here on we are taking a closer look at a ideal holiday watch. Normally we do micro brand reviews on Sunday, that’s why it’s called MicroSunday, but with the holiday season starting next Friday I think it is appropriate to write something about a good holiday watch. And for this occasion I have chosen Maranez, famous for its bronze and brass divers for quite a reasonable price. But today not a bronze or brass automatic diver, no we take a look at the Maranez Undercover. The first quartz driven diver by Maranez. We all know that feeling, which watch to wear on holiday, taking all kinds of risks at the customs, or theft, or losing your precious time piece. So most of the time you will end up wearing a Swatch, which is perfectly ok of course, but with the Undercover you still have something unique on your wrist. It gives your holiday that….”Bond feeling”……So to all 007’s out there, keep reading!


Well, most of us are familiar with Maranez. They make affordable timeless designed watches mostly equipped with Seiko movements. I have owned several brass models like the Bangla and the Rawai. Both great watches. On there website there is not much to read about history or filosofy, but service is great and shipment is quick. My Undercover was shipped within 3 days to The Netherlands. So it is more like what you see is what you get and in this price range that will do for me.



So we take a closer look at the Undercover now. It is a bit mysterious non date divers watch inspired of course by the divers of the 60s and 70s. For some reason it also must definitely be inspired by The Thunderbirds. I have never seen a watch case designed like this, maybe a Dugena diver with compass, but just looking at it brings back memories. And the price of it brings back memories also. Meaning for 179 dollar or 189 euro’s including tax you’ll have a unique diving watch and you most definitely will enjoy this odd duck.



The hexagonal case measures a impressive 50mm including the crown and 48mm lug to lug. With a hight of 16,5mm it is not a watch for the faint hearted. However, the dial including the bezel is substantially smaller with 40mm. The hexagonal case has all kinds of shapes. Angular, triangular and beautiful curves. The Undercover has it all. Made of stainless steel and sandblasted afterwards. On top of the watch you will find a 4.5mm sapphire crystal with inside AR coating. Around the sapphire crystal an old fashioned black metal 120 clicks bezel is placed.
And here comes the secret agent part of this watch. Under the upper part of the watch, in fact the actual watch, you will find a secret compartment. You can swipe this upper part of the case aside and there you will find your “Bond”compartment for the storage of money, pills, a small usb stick or other secret agent stuff. The watch itself has a WR of 100m/330ft but the compartment I am not sure of. I have tested it and it seems ok, but if you are depending on your medicine or if you are on a mission, I would not take the risk. So for this price you have two case backs, one of the upper part and one of the lower part, the part that is on your wrist. The lower part case back is a polished case back, looking like a small mirror. Also very useful during holiday!


Dial and hands

Looking at the dial is looking at simplicity. Just Maranez is written down on the black matte dial. Indices and hands are equipped with C3 super luminova and is very bright. You will find an hour hand, minute hand and a micro red second arrow hand also equipped with C3 super luminova. The second hand is so small, you can hardly tell it’s a quartz movement, so that is cool.


Miyota quartz quality movement



As often mentioned by me, why put a leather strap on a diving watch. Well, Maranez listened to my remarks. On the Undercover a beautiful vanilla flavoured rubber Cuda strap is placed with a very nice stainless steel sandblasted buckle. Very well done!!


There is only one conclusion. Buy one! For the amount of money you spend you will buy a unique diving watch ideal for holiday purposes. Stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, rubber Cuda strap and a secret compartment. Delivered with a full year warranty in a great package.

Enjoy the holidays!


Maranez watch