New Goodies ICE Watch Part Two

Ice-Watch showed a wide range of products at Baselworld 2014. This week we will show the new products. Now Part Two



The elegant, super slim and ultra-flexible ICE feels like a second skin. This timepiece, which epitomises the Ice-Watch DNA, is the perfect accessory for any occasion thanks to its understated elegance and surprising contrasts.


SIZE Small (38mm)

MODELS 8 colours (White, Black, Dazzling blue, Neon blue, Neon green, Neon yellow, Neon orange, Pink).



A shiny and intriguing watch that evokes a rich and elegant universe. The Ice-Glam comes with rose gold accents making this radiant, refined and simple timepiece an excellent choice for exceptional times!

Ice-Glam-Forest-Colours Ice-Glam-Pastel-Colours

SIZE Small (38mm) and unisex (43mm)

MODELS 10 colours (Twilight, Urban chic, Anemone, Carribou, Lotus, Aqua, Pink lady, Wind).



The colours we wear can change our entire outfit and mood. Something Ice-Watch is all too well aware of. Adapt to summer with the new colours in the ICE collection. These timepieces have hands and a second hand in a contrasting

colour that pop out from the dial. Surprising yet elegant. Also available in smaller size.


SIZE Small (38mm) and unisex (43mm)

MODELS 4 colours (Neon blue, Cockatoo, Neon pink, Purple).





With its selection of winter colours, the Ice Forest is the ideal accessory for a perfect look! Its single colour hands set the tone against the dial: a surprising and inspiring contrast, and the epitome of minimalist elegance.


SIZE Small (38mm) and unisex (43mm)

MODELS 8 colours (Graystone, Olive, Dark taupe, Urban chic (2 colours of hands)).

Source ICE Watch