TEASER, TW Steel Launches Son of Time


Bringing Together the Worlds of  Horology and Motorcycles

Two separate Amsterdam based Dutch design pioneers who live and breathe new school design with old school values are coming together for a very special project. Fearless timepiece makers TW Steel, the new breed in watchmaking, are collaborating with Amsterdam based young guns of the custom bike world, Numbnut Motorcycles. The two will work side by side to create a single custom watch and a custom motorcycle, the design of both interwoven in one story, entitled The Son of Time.

The two one-off creations, one each within their respective worlds, a one-off timepiece and a unique concept custom motorcycle will showcase the best in craftsmanship of each profession. TW Steel Chief Designer Ton Cobelens will design and build the watch whilst Numbnut Motorcycles Roderick Seibert will build the motorbike. The design of the one will influence the other, with the TW Steel attitude and bold design influencing both the timepiece and the motorcycle. Two worlds will collide in craftsmanship and style, shaking up the establishment with maximum impact. The project forms the first steps of TW Steel to bring their unique attitude and fearless sense of adventure to a new audience in the sport heritage movement.

MF__3754 2Their creations will remind you that life is short, there’s not enough time to take things too seriously. You can only learn so much from the past. Sometimes you need to break out, break rules, break with tradition. Father Time wants you to be measured, careful and responsible with the precious time you’ve been given. The Son of Time has different ideas though…He knows you only get one shot at this so he’s not going to let you go quietly, you have to go out in style with a bang!

The unique, salt-flat-racer inspired motorcycle and reflected timepiece will be carefully constructed over the winter with regular photo and video updates along the way to share in the creative build process and handwork of the two Dutch designers. The builds can be followed online on a special dedicated website: www.twsteel.com/sonoftime

DSC01910“TW Steel has made a big impact since the first day we arrived ten years ago,” commented Ton Cobelens. “We’re very much the new school of watchmaking making our own traditions; we make our own rules and do it our own way. Having said that we have respect for craftsmanship, the art of making beautiful things by hand. Working with Roderick is a great opportunity to show this because he has that skilled, made-by-hand approach but is a real young gun in the custom world with an edge and attitude. I’m fascinated to see what we will create together. He’s a very talented bike builder so I know we are going to unveil creations that shout new school, with old school craftsmanship! It’s very exciting for TW Steel to take these first steps of our adventure into this iconic, sports heritage world. We look forward to seeing where it could lead us in future design inspiration.”

 “When I first spoke with TW Steel about this project I got really excited,” said Roderick Seibert. “We focus on making motorcycles by hand, paying tribute to icons and vintage styles of the past, but with a modern twist. TW Steel is definitely a watch brand with a modern twist and a fearless attitude so I think we’re going to really spark off each other as we build and make something really cool and maybe a bit loose and fun…we’re going to let the good times roll Dutch style!”



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