the storytelling watch society

The Storytelling Watch Society

Let be honest we all know the stories of someone who got the watch from his grandfather. The memories you had when you were a small kid and already fascinated by that little device you may only look at. What if there was a watch that could hold a memory for you so you can show and tell people about it. This is where two dutch guys come onto the stage with The Storytelling Watch Society.


Sander and Wouter van der Kloet founders of The Storytelling Watch came up with the concept of creating a watch that holds one of you most special memories. The personalized dails will be designed so it’ll be the embodiment of your special moment. This way it will also be close to you and maybe even be pasted on to future generations.

The Storytelling Watch is momentarily looking for participants. They will produce a first batch of 111 pieces. Founders or as they like to call them “Founding Fathers”  have the opportunity to buy the first 111 pieces and be the first to share their memories throughout the world.

render 13-8-2014

Technical Specifications:


ETA 6497 handwind


316L Steel case

42 mm, 10 mm

Open caseback

Sapphire glass


Silver brushed dail with inscription




The Storytelling Watch Society