U-Boat Chimera 48 Carbonio, U-BOAT’s passion for materials has gone one-step further.

Two weeks ago when walking on BaselWorld, we came across the people of U-Boat. We were impressed by the way the watches where displayed in individuele glass cases. But even more impressive is the materials used to make the watches themselves.

All materials interest Italo Fontana, creator of U-BOAT, from the classic steel to the more technological magnesium, as well as bronze, gold, silver and ceramic. Italo loves to try things out without being influenced by the market or the competition. The latest U-BOAT Chimera comes in a new case material featuring forged carbon fibre, employed in Aeronautics, making it extremely resistant yet surprisingly lightweight.  The way the fibres are placed in the case mould are what makes each watches unique.

U-Boat Chimera

From an aesthetic point of view, its marbled effect, satiny and soft to the touch. Each watch is unique because the carbon fibers are distributed in a random manner in the mold. “When the material is compressed under heating, it evolves in an unpredictable way. The watch is combined with a distressed calf leather strap, that has been hand finished using traditional artisan techniques, and boasts a GMT complication.


Source U-Boat