U-Boat unveils the Chimera Day-Date watch.

An open mind towards the future and freedom in creation have always been cornerstones of Italo Fontana’s creativity. The Creator of U-BOAT is excited by innovation. Whether it is introducing new ideas, devices, methods, or translating ideas or inventions into systems and mechanisms, he is consistently creating value for his followers.

Today he unveils the first U-BOAT watch to spell out both the date and day of the week on its dial, the Chimera Day-Date.

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Two different cases, both 46 mm diameter, one in stainless steel and one in naturally aged bronze in which the bezel and the back of the case are locked together by external tubing and a customized key that ensures absolute water-proofing. In the bronze version, the dark brown dial has been laser cut, hand brushed on the surface , hand painted in the central joint one more time in bronze color and then hand brushed again. In the stainless steel version instead, the two superimposed dials are in black and their bâton hands, laser cut, have been treated with superluminova. Last but not least to Chimera Day-Date it has been applied the patented system for the retrieval of the watch crown, enabling greater ease of adjustment for both date, time and from now on day in its entirety

Source www.u-boatwatch.com