Urwerk Time Device UR 1001


Urwerk Time Device UR 1001 is for itself creating an own epoch-defining time. With it robust but yet elegant form and use of material there is nothing else around making this statement of time.

In our fast-paced lives we often describe time as ‘fleeting’ and our timepieces reflect this perception by measuring relatively short intervals i.e. seconds, minutes and hours. A few watches take a longer view and track days, months and years, some even leap years. But rarely do timepieces do justice to a universe measured in billions of years – as a true Zeit Device should.

The Urwerk Time Device UR 1001 is a true Zeit Device: It is a grand über complication both measuring and quantifying the era in its entirety, from a solitary second to an astronomical millennia. Exuding force from a case seemingly carved from a block of solid metal, the UR-1001 marks the passage of time in seconds, minutes, hours, day/night, date, month, years, 100 years and all of the way to a monumental 1,000 years!

The Zeit Device houses a constellation of indications, including orbiting satellites and a comet-like flying retrograde. Dials, springs, satellites, carrousels, retrograde spiral spring were all manufactured in-house by URWERK, as were most of the components in the Zeit Device’s complications and indications.


UR-1001 – Technical Specifications




Calibre:                                                      UR-10.01

Jewels:                                                       51

Escapement:                                          Swiss lever

Balance:                                                    Monometallic

Frequency:                                               28,800v/h, 4Hz

Balance spring:                                     Flat

Power source:                                       Single mainspring barrel
Power reserve:                                     39 hours

Winding system:                                  Unidirectional winding rotor

Time mechanism:                             Double star retrograde with aluminium ring and platinum


Calendar mechanism:                    93 tooth wheel, 3 Maltese crosses

Retrograde minutes:                        Anti-shock safety device

Retrograde minute spring:           Spiral of 6.5 turns, dimensions 174.4mm x 0.1mm x 0.3mm with

mobile piton (adjustable pin). Long length ensures flat torque curve
Plates and bridges:                            Baseplate in ARCAP
Screws:                                                      Titanium non-oxidising

Surface finishes:                                Circular-grained, Côtes de Genève and DLC treated mainplate and baseplate, chamfered and polished screw heads





Dial side                                                    Revolving satellite hour complication

Retrograde minutes

Revolving satellite calendar with months and dates

Day/night indicator: black Super-LumiNova for night, white brushed-

ruthenium for day, mix for dusk/dawn

Power-reserve indicator 39 hours with red low-power zone

Running seconds: three-handed indication displaying 3 x 20 seconds

on a 120° dial

Côtes de Genève on Day/Night and Power Reserve indicator dials


Back side                                                  “Oil change” indicator (5 years)

Running-time indicator for 100 years

Linear running-time indicator for 1,000 years


Surface finishes:                                  Sandblasted carousel

PE-CVD and DLC treated mainplate, baseplate, dials and satellite


Satin-finished and diamond-polished satellites

Super-LumiNova treatment on markers


Setting and winding                          Three-position winding crown

Position 1 against case: winding

Position 2 one click: month and date

Position 3 two clicks: setting hours and minutes


Source www.urwerk.com