Use of a watch winder

Watch winders come in various sizes and forms. But there is lot of discussion about the usage of watch winders. Some watchbrands even deliver there watch with a watch winder. But is a watch winder useful and can it damage your watch?

What is a watch winder?

A watch winder is a device which winds watches with an automatic movement by turning/swinging. Most watch winders can be set to a specific frequency suited for the fitted watch. Also a time interval can be set, to prevent the watch is constantly winded. The engine of the watch winder is fed by battery or 12v adapter.

As said watch winders are available in various sizes and forms. From simple square boxes until exclusive constructions.


Picture Swisskubik

An example of something special is the picture at the beginning of our article. The picture is the LumiSidus 11 24 carat Gold watch winder, at a price of 35.000 euro incl v.a.t.. Or do you want a Bugatti Veyron motor block from Origintimes as a watchwinder? Price 75.000 euro.Bugatti-Veyron-Big-Block-Watch-Winder

Unnecessary wear by use of watch winder.

From a technical point of view the usage of a watch winder will bring more wear. Let me explain with the example of a car engine; when you don’t use your car you put off the engine. On the other hand it’s not good when you never turn on the car. It’s better to let the engine run and drive a few mileage once in a while.

The same theory is applicable for a watch movement. With the big difference, the automatic watch movement has a power reserve.

A watch winder can be handy when you have several automatic watches, but it’s better to let your watch automatically stop.  When you don’t use your watch(es) for example two weeks and it is in a watch winder, then it’s constantly winding/working without you are wearing it.

Automatic watches can not be damaged due to overwinding, because of safety measures, but there will be unnecessary wear.

When you don’t wear a watch often it’s better to move the watch once a month to power the movement and let the oil in the movement lubricate the movement parts.

An exception for usage of a watch winder, watches with complications for example eternal calendars. It can be difficult to set such a device because of it’s complications.